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  1. i've been a few times. the food is pretty good. glad to have something like this very close to the house. very friendly staff. it will have staying power if their food remains good.
  2. I would have to agree. Stadia across the way is doing quite well, turning into a neighborhood bar and grill. It will interesting to see how much more Katy gets once we undergo an eventual economic recovery.
  3. It looks like it will be another Irish type pub, but maybe with a little more of a pub atmosphere. I'll give it a try, but we'll see how long it lasts. I don't care much for the Mercury Bar. Too expensive for Katy, but I haven't been there in quite a while, so maybe their prices have come down some.
  4. I definitely wasn't trying to be offensive, as I live in Cinco myself. Just pointing out what I've observed the past 1 1/2 years of living here. A lot of these kids have no idea what the real world is like...
  5. I do like BWW for the sports bar atmosphere, although this one seems to have a "closed in" feeling more than the others around the area. Actually I like the Sugarland location the best, since they seem to have more light coming in via more windows, etc. I have to agree about Katy area parents and their "entitled" children's attitudes. As a parent myself, I am VERY conscious of my child's behavior when I take her places. I will not put up with these antics at all. I've noticed after living in Katy for the past year or so the entitlement and spoiled brat mentality of many of the kids around here. It's especially acute in the wealthier areas like Cinco. And to watch these parents with them is aggravating. So many of them will have problems later on...
  6. Really sorry to see them go. Bret and Amy were nice people trying to make a go at it. I know there were some issues with the developer and the owner of the adjacent property at one time, also the HOA for cinco ranch. I'm sure the economy being slow didn't help as well. I enjoyed going there. I wish them well in any future endeavors.
  7. just curious, are you talking about the Gardere area of BR?
  8. Something is amiss here. My appraisal went up 32% while home prices are dropping everywhere. I live in Cinco Ranch Southwest. I also see other homes in the vicinity with the exact same house design appraised for less. Does anyone know what is going on down at the appraisal district? Something doesn't add up here.
  9. I'd say average. I like it more for the Rah Rah atmosphere. Actually I think Stadia has better wings, at least when I've had them.
  10. From the looks of it, it will be a stand alone bar/restaurant like the one in Sugarland. All of the BWW's I've been to (Houston area locations, Coll Sta, Lake Ch, Lafayette, B.R., Houma) have been family friendly. Of course it's still a sports bar on steroids but great to bring the family. Obviously, BWW is a favorite of mine, hopefully open in time for March Madness!! Can't Wait!
  11. Family and I ate at Gallaghers back in 2007. Very good restaurant in Dublin.
  12. the owner told me that they were in the process of getting some things to decorate the windows. another issue is that it sounds like the cinco ranch HOA or someone like that is what's holding up their patio. sounds like someone is standing in their way of putting in their patio.
  13. I have to admit, I was pretty excited about this place opening up, however I was a little disappointed that it's to airy to be a true Irish/British pub. I do like that I can get Tennant's on tap, as the only other place I've had that was in Aberdeen. I like the fact that they play authentic Irish type music on the weekends and have plenty on the jukebox. I thought the food was pretty good, considering they are just starting out and have a limited menu. The service I think will improve in time. I just hope that they maybe redo some of the interior to resemble more of a true Irish pub, much like Red Lion, Kennealy's (sp?), Richmond Arms, Shay McElroy, etc. I think being in Katy though presents somewhat of a different issue since you have to appeal to families somewhat to stay profitable. Thoughts anyone?
  14. I think installing a splash pad like La Centerra and the Downtown Aquarium would maybe help too.
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