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  1. Can we bring this discussion back, it's been a couple of years. Where do we stand with this issue, do you guys still think Third Ward is going to hold out as much as they can? I'm a broker and do quite a bit of business in surrounding areas and i"m starting to venture into Third Ward. Still not sure how I feel about it, geographically it is a good location and I think it will see a lot of single family homes being renovated and maybe not quite so much large new development b/c it would be harder to obtain large parcels of land. Urban Lofts is doing a community off of Dowlington & Blodgett.
  2. i didn't mean to center the reason for rail around bars:) There is tons of residential development in the area and more is coming. But people walk in that area and I think that is important for a successful light rail. IMO if the community isn’t pedestrian friendly the rail will be underutilized. But since the purpose of light rail is to connect important employment centers, it should link those centers to residential areas, otherwise what is the point. Go to Downtown and catch the rail to Med Center? Its not just about the bars, the area has lots of entertainment. We'll see how long it takes
  3. Wouldn't it make sense to have light rail down Washington? Looking at a map, it could extend from where the east/southeast lines end just west of downtown and go down Washington and end at the Uptown line. I think it would make sense, there's lots of stuff on Washington and people walk around a lot. Plus when all the bars shut down - less DWI's! Then the uptown line would have something else to connect with. Just a dream.... what do you guys think? plus it would really tie in the other future lines that are going in.
  4. I just want to point out a couple of things, not to make anyone mad, just didn't notice anyone say anything
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