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  1. Adding the second story... this project is progressing quickly.....
  2. Does anyone have information about the new building going up at Richmond and Cummins in Greenway Plaza next to Soap Car Wash? I noticed a fence went up and there is a construction trailer on site. There is a rendering that I found, but I am not sure if it's current. Here are details from Swamplot earlier in 2014: This was the scene yesterday on the southeast corner of Richmond Ave and Cummins St. near Greenway Plaza, where the Redstone Companies and Hansen Partners are planning to build a new 11-story office building and 5-level parking garage with — if a Planning Dept. staff repor
  3. There were bulldozers on site this morning. Not sure if this is prep work, but there was definately activity.
  4. Midtown would be a good option. It tends to be a youthful brand and midtown has no hotels. I think it would be the anchor to nightlife in the area and close enough to downtown to attract business travelers. W Dallas is outside the CBD and does well.
  5. I drove by this building today and yes, it's not sexy, that's for sure. However, I still remain optimistic for BLVD Place that there will be something modern to reshape Post Oak and the Galleria area. This city needs a concentrated area that all Houstonians can all be excited about and want to show off to out of town guests. We have an opportunity to do this, if someone has the proper vision. If that happens, Whitco's claim to fame will be the terrific views. We'll see...
  6. I like the project as well. I agree that there could be more "sizzle" in the design but the angled corners and crown make we wonder what this building will look like at night. It would great to have something interesting to anchor this corner as you turn from 610 and head down Post Oak. I will remain optimistic....
  7. I drove by today and it looks as if they are starting on the foundation. Wasn't able to take a picture, but it appears to be moving along nicely.
  8. I suppose the idea is that this building pays homage to the Waldorf in NYC, but I would love to see something original and modern on this space. It just seems a little cheesy to me. I will give Randall Davis a good deal of credit for trying to create new projects.
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