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  1. From the one picture you've posted, it would seem that the home was/is rather modest with only a little bit of embellishment. More than likely it had modest, plain screens maybe with a little bit of embellishment. I would think a plain undivided screen, or possibly something with a single divider across the middle would be appropriate.
  2. There's really no way to know for sure unless you've got the papers. http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html
  3. Cylinder deactivation isn't just software. There's hardware involved that shuts down oil flow to the lifters for certain cylinders....this prevents half the engine from wasting energy pretending to be an air pump.
  4. How do you know they aren't buying new domestics because the incentives are so good and not because they don't trust them? The truth of the matter is that resale values are driven by a number of factors: perceived quality and reliability, incentives available on similar new vehicles, and of course just plain 'ol supply and demand. One of the factors in how much the market will bear is how much an equivalent new vehicle is selling for. Ooops...typo That should be truEdelta.com
  5. The best part about this building is the fact that they have $3 Home Despot SHOWER HEADS as the spray nozzles for the fountains out front by the sidewalk. Gotta keep it classy ya know!
  6. Makes perfect sense. If I'm looking to buy a Chebrolet Suburban and the used ones are $17k and the new ones are $18k then I'm gonna buy new. Under the same circumstances, if I'm trying to sell my used Chebrolet Suburban then I'm going to have to cut the price if I want to get it sold. Thus driving down resale values. Eh...maybe trudelta.com but I'm hesitant to suggest it since the participants self select.
  7. Resale value isn't necessarily reflective of reliability. Due to union obligations it is cheaper for the domestic automakers to keep the production lines running and put huge incentives on new cars than it is to just idle the lines for a while. That creates oversupply and drives resale values down....why buy used when you can get a new one for the same price or less? Used prices have to come down to be competitive against the new ones. One fame-seeking-mechanic's opinion does not a comprehensive scientific survey make. So the JD Power surveys which rank domestic brands on par with the top foreign brands are BS too? Really? Care to cite a source saying the surveys are FOS?
  8. For the most part I would agree with that. I could see a few exceptions made for exceptional engines such as the LS9 and the Viper V-10. I could also maybe, possibly see them using the Hemi brand, but probably not the modern "Hemi" engine since Chevrolet is already producing engines with similar characteristics. Let's face it the "Hemi" doesn't possess any meaningful characteristics to differentiate itself from engines from other manufacturers. That's not to say that the original Hemi wasn't a bespoke, exceptional engine, but Chrysler has slutted out the "Hemi" brand in the name of sales, and has, IMHO tarnished the legend of Hemi.
  9. Eh...as Russian despots go, I think I like Stalin better.
  10. Hemi is an abbreviation of hemispherical which refers to the shape of the combustion chambers cast in the head.
  11. He looks like he's plotting the overthrow of you and Valentina.....
  12. That's not accurate. Ford adopted Mazda's MZR family of engines for it's 4-cyl needs, and Mazda is using the Ford Duratec engines in their cars when a V6 is needed. You do realize that the modern "Hemi" is a Hemi in name only, don't you? It isn't some unique, groundbreaking design like the Hemis of years past.
  13. GM's large vehicle hybrid platform was jointly developed with Chrysler and BMW, and is comprised of some VERY VERY expensive parts, but boy are they great if you want to tow a boat with a hybrid! (Why you'd want to spend ungodly amounts of $$ on a hybrid to tow a boat 8 times a year I have no idea) GM's small vehicle hybrid platform leaves a lot to be desired but it is cheap. Ford's upcoming hybrids on the other hand are going to kick some major ass....38 MPG city in a car that's a good bit larger than the Prius. It will be a "hot seller" but it isn't going to be a big volume car, and GM is planning on losing money on every car sold.
  14. When I first saw the title of this thread I thought it was going to be all about bars on windows in Eastwood.
  15. Wow...I must say...your web site is quite corporate looking.
  16. He sounds so adorable...you have to post a pic when you find the owner or decide to keep him!
  17. What? Cerberus manages GM? 51% of GMAC is owned by Cerberus....
  18. I think this was a ploy by Gexa to try to force their customers into long term plans. I didn't take the bait and ended up switching to TXU's month to month plan. I filed a complaint with the PUC over this behavior by Gexa.
  19. So...if we had a machine that could sift through your memories to determine if you actually committed a crime; would you support the use of that machine as well, 5th amendment be damned? Where do we draw the line with self incrimination? They're using a part of my self (blood) to forcibly incriminate me.
  20. BAHAHAHAHAHA! My grandma had like 3 huge racks of those shatty little things next to her back door...they'd always clatter when anybody opened or closed the door.
  21. I'd be a whole lot more worried about the impact of the declining price of oil. There haven't been enough sales in a short enough period of time in GO to cause a huge number of foreclosures to turn up. Regentrification? The white folks never left....
  22. Older neighborhoods here in town have plenty of variety. Check out 77006, 77008, 77007, 77009, 77019, 77023, 77061, 77018, and 77004. Those ZIP codes, with few exceptions, have both good and bad spots. You're likely not going to find a lot of variety in a subdivision way out there in suburbia.
  23. I would guess that it passed its prime in the 70s or 80s, and is now well on the way to a....uhmm...re-priming? Can't buy anything in there for under $200k now.
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