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  1. How old is it? If it has electric ignition then it doesn't have a pilot light. Is it blowing cold air or no air at all? If you're not getting any air at all then I would suspect that the blower motor has died. If you're getting cold air and it is ~15 years old or newer, then it probably has an inducer fan, and I'm betting you heard the dying throes of the inducer fan motor last night.
  2. Then why is there a bunch of craftsman style woodwork in the living/dining room, and why did you put in a craftsman style vanity?
  3. The cabinet doors look like something that can be had at Home Depot, and are quite jarring when considering the craftsman style of the woodwork in the rest of the house. Why anyone would custom order those cabinet doors to go in a house where all the rest of the woodwork is a Craftsman style, I have no idea. Hello?!?! Shaker style doors! And for the love of all that which is sacred, why do people put in granite countertops and then not use an undermount sink?! It makes it look like you're cutting corners. Is there a tile backsplash in the kitchen? It looks like there isn't. Again...makes it look low end. The vanity is nice, and so are the hex tiles on the floor. The fact that there's a window in the shower is a maintenace nighmare...but it is a pretty window. Too bad it'll be rotten in a decade or less. The uni-knob control for the shower and generally stingy use of tile on the bathroom walls gives it a low end feel.
  4. Interesting. The listing hasn't been changed to reflect the fact that the lot square footage has been reduced. $260k and no extra lot? Fat chance of that!
  5. Really? A guy in Tokyo can't design a water pump that will work just fine in a car built for the USDM? Toyota spent a ton on R&D to build the Prius, which is of course sold here. Why didn't they do the R&D for that car here in the US? I mean we're consuming 60% or more of their units produced. Every reason to think the R&D would be done here...
  6. When I bought my house the bank told me they were going to use the sale price, even though the appraisal was several thousand higher.
  7. Those three firms are uhmmm...let's see....the ONLY DOMESTICALLY OWNED firms in the industry! They're all failing....hence, the domestic car industry is failing. Sorry, Tesla doesn't count. Their production to date numbers in the DOZENS of cars.
  8. HUUUUUUGE price cut on this listing. We're down to $260k now. I figured that was coming given the location, square footage, and quality (or lack thereof) of the remodel. The trim work in the living/dining is great. But I think they gave up and just schlepped Home Despot crap in when they got to the kitchen and bathrooms. Too bad. I think they could've gotten the $260k number if they had carried that level of finish all the way through.
  9. No. HCAD is all about following the law as best they can when it comes to valuing properties. That's it. They don't set the tax rates for the various jurisdictions. If the City of Houston ain't getting enough revenue then the City of Houston will raise their tax rates to get the revenue they want.
  10. So you can turn VDC off only somewhere under 20 times, but while VDC is off you can do an unlimited number launches?
  11. You still haven't put forth an alternate use for the feature formerly known as "launch control" If Nissan didn't want people launching the car they could've easily obviated the feature by preventing the transaxle from dumping the clutches in potentially harmful RPM or torque ranges. We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the clutch packs are controlled EXCLUSIVELY by the computer.
  12. There's also a Binswanger at 34th and Shepherd if that's closer to where you're at.
  13. I suspect that Nissan can't rely on the motoring press in Europe as heavily as they can here in the US to disseminate specification info, hence the documents for Europe go into more detail. I dredged up copies of basically that same document in different languages. I also found this: That link is Google's cache of a Nissan press release posted on gtrnissan.com. For whatever reason the release was yanked from the site or their site isn't displaying it properly. In that press release Nissan quotes some magazine as having done testing and arrived at a 3.5 second 0-60. Let's be clear here...we're not talking about just the ability to turn VDC off. Launch control goes much further than that. It allows you to dump the clutches with the engine rev'd up sky high then have the engine management and traction control systems work in concert to deliver the most possible torque to the wheels without causing wheelspin. TOTALLY unnecessary for getting un-stuck.
  14. If you wish expect us to believe you when you say it isn't really launch control then you need to proffer a reasonable alternate purpose for that bit of software in the car's computers. I sure as $h|t do: http://www.gtrnissan.com/pdf/gtr_eBrochure.en.uk.pdf Last page. Read it and weep.
  15. It most certainly is being promoted by Nissan vis a vis their advertising performance numbers for the car that can only be achieved by using launch control.
  16. Using a feature that the car came with is not abuse.....espescially when the car is largely controlling its own behavior when said feature is engaged. To say otherwise would be akin to telling someone that they broke their A/C because they ran it on MAX while it was really hot outside. If there is a heat buildup issue (doesn't appear to be the case from pictures of gearboxes that I've seen) when using launch control multiple times then the car should disable the feature until the heat dissipates.
  17. HCAD shows that it is owned by Bill Baldwin and Jose Gonzalez.
  18. I was HUGELY unimpressed with their Key Lime pie. Crazy expensive too. A $5 Edwards KLP from the grocery store is WAY better.
  19. Of course they could've come up with something original. But you can't have original and aerodynamic optimality.
  20. It was indeed fireworks. I was out and about last night, and saw them. Seems like I was on I-10 westbound near 610 when I saw them.
  21. jm1fd

    DOW at 7552

    All the major indexes....DIA some IVV, and a splash of QQQQ I'm also probably going to get some VFH since financials are totally in the crapper right now.
  22. jm1fd

    DOW at 7552

    I bought some Ford not too many cents ago. They're the best prepared cash-wise to weather the storm and they're light years ahead of the other two when it comes to re-shaping the product line into something that people want to buy....espescially the plans to bring the Fiesta, Mondeo, Kuga, etc over from Europe. I'm going in big into some index funds when things get down around 7100-7200.
  23. Another potential tactic is to find some low, low level grunt that works at ComCrap and serve them with the lawsuit papers. A famous example of this is someone serving papers to a Dell mall kiosk employee. Employee didn't pass along the info, company didn't show up to defend itself, company lost.
  24. They haven't even gotten that money yet.
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