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  1. Why would you say it is an issue of distrust rather than, say, an issue of all those companies marketing the hell out of paying bills online to save themselves money? Seems quite silly to me to have to visit umpteen jillion sites to pay all your bills when you can just go to your bank's site (or Quicken or whatever) and manage and view history of everything from one just spot.
  2. Too cute! I approve...except for that refrigerator. It looks like a robot took a huge shiny dump in the kitchen.
  3. I was smelling that mulch smell in as I was driving past various places around town yesterday evening. I just figured somebody had been out mulching.
  4. I have one of the models in question, and yesterday it was inoperable. Today it is just fine. The code that interfaces with the clock hardware wasn't set up to handle 366 days in a leap year, and went into an infinite loop. Microsoft issued an official statement as to what the problem is, and they will fix the problem before it happens again in 2012.
  5. The only incentive you get is a smaller light bill.
  6. You can access the electronic indexes at http://www.cclerk.hctx.net/ which will tell you what volume and page number to look at to see the actual documents.
  7. You're starting to sound like a tin-foil-hat-wearing kook with those sorts of comments. GM is already producing the 1.4L engine in question at a plant in Austria. I don't know if that facility is running at full capacity or not, but I would suspect that it wouldn't cause them too much pain to divert a modest amount of output from Austria to the Volt for a year or two while the US plant comes online.
  8. That will probably work for some suppliers, but it will be the death of many. A supplier losing 50% or 75% of their business is going to get hurt BAD. This is especially true if they have a huge long term investment in tooling and equipment. You can't lay off tooling and equipment....the bank wants to get paid for it whether you're putting it to good use or not.
  9. Oak Forest and Shepherd Forest (77018 area) would seem to meet your criteria...although the houses are pretty small. Shepherd Forest and Oak Forest in 77092 have larger houses, for less money but they're a bit further from town, and I'm not sure what schools they're zoned to. Anything in 77018 is zoned to Oak Forest elementary or Garden Oaks elementary....both are quite good from what I understand.
  10. It appears that the listing has been removed from the HAR site. The link above is broke, and I can't findi ti by searching for the address of "5626 Portal"
  11. There are probably very few parts that are exactly, precisely the same between vehicles, but lots, and lots of parts are essentially the same technology with minor tweaks made to packaging and specifications. Compressors from Denso would be one example. Fuel injectors and O2 sensors from Bosch would be another example.
  12. I picked the wrong instrument to do what I wanted. I wanted to go short oil...which thus far seems to have been a good idea. To bad the instrument I chose was better suited for day traders going short oil.
  13. Really? Modern cars can disobey the laws of physics? Uhmmm...NO! Fact of the matter is that all the safety features add weight. Increased weight means decreased MPG.
  14. Ooooh. Okay. So, for starters, what imported minivan gets better mileage than the Chrysler vans from the same time period?
  15. It sounds like tremendous fun, and I really, really do love the woods of E. Texas as well as the water, but I'm out of vacation for the year and the idea of doing all this when it is so cold out doesn't really appeal. Good luck tho.
  16. I think you're deriding domestic products for having poor gas mileage even though comparable import products from the same time period had gas mileage worse than or at best equal to said domestics.
  17. Oh yeah...those Intrepids and Caravans and Impalas got horrendous mileage. 1993 Intrepid v6 18 city 26 highway 1993 Honda Accord 4-cyl 19 city 26 highway Huh? Bigger engine, bigger car but the same mileage as a little bitty 4-cyl Honda?!?! Must be an anomaly. Your crap-on-the-domestics festival will surely be saved by the minivans! 1999 Caravan v6 17 city 24 highway 1999 Honda Odyssey v6 16 city 23 highway Errr...nope. 1994 Impala SS 15 city 24 highway 1994 Lexus SC 400 16 city 22 highway (The only Japanese v8 sedan I could think of) Finally. See! One MPG less in the city! One MPG!!!! Read it and weep you domestic loving SOBs!!! GM was DOOMED by that 1 mile per gallon...DOOOOOOOOMED! Clearly, the facts show that GM and Chrysler were OBVIOUSLY not putting out products with competitive fuel economy numbers. No wonder they're going under.
  18. Will you take pictures for us? Maybe even put 'em together with a little diary of the trip?
  19. I shall not rejoice until it is confirmed that the replacement is historically correct for blower motors of the peroid.
  20. I'm seeing the occasional bit of snow/ice fly past the window here at work at Greenway.
  21. As was previously mentioned, why don't you just go dumpster diving for cardboard boxes? That's probably the most environmentally friendly way to do it. Liquor stores (as previously suggested) as well as clothing stores usually have the best quality boxes 'round back.
  22. Not so fast. We'll have to determine if the style of the fabric and construction techniques and quality is a good match for the house.
  23. I think I know why it hasn't sold yet. I have it on good authority from an expert house-flipper that nobody buys houses that have shaker-style kitchen cabinet doors/drawers.
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