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  1. Uhmmm....a wheel lift with dollies under the non-lifted wheels is better than dragging it up onto a flatbed with the differentials kicking and screaming the whole way.
  2. Nope. Never. The lot sizes are a fair bit bigger in Garden Oaks which allows for more trees, bigger setbacks and generally a more luxurious feel to the neighborhood.
  3. Not a surprise to me either. They were pretty good before they sent prices shooting through the stratosphere.
  4. In this day and age, with 5+ different coolant formulations out there you have to RTFM to find out the proper interval. On some cars it is easy, on other cars it is difficult. If you have a vertical or near vertical radiator with a radiator cap on top, then chances are it will be pretty straightforward...all you need to do is drain the block and radiator, refill with water, drain again, refill with water, drain again, then refill with coolant and distilled water (or whatever TFM specifies). I always do the final refill as follows: Fill system as full as possible, leaving radiator cap off Pinch upper and lower radiator hoses to "burp" system, adding more coolant as air pockets come out Start engine Turn on heater Wait for engine to come up to temperature, the thermostat to open, and all the air pockets to be forced out of the block Add more coolant until full Put radiator cap back on Allow engine to cool Check coolant level
  5. WTF? Most of the homes in Forest Hill are dilapidated roach infested dumps stuffed in WAY too close to the street and WAY too close together. There are some nice, well maintained houses in there, and a few blocks on a few streets are bordering on decent, but overall it can't touch Idylwood with a 10 foot pole. Iylwood is SUPER nice. 95% of the homes in there are VERY well kept. My money would be on Idylwood....WAY WAY better 'hood for not too much more money.
  6. I'm thinking that "sheathing" is covered with foil. If so, the foil is keeping most of the moisture away from the wood/fiberglass. Pull a sheet or two of the "sheathing" down and see if there's any evidence of mold or moisture. If not, put it back up....and use some tar paper nails with big plastic heads to nail it back up with. That'll help prevent it from falling down again in the future.
  7. HCAD will not use valuations from forclosure sales. They don't feed them into their mass appraisial algorithms, and you can't use them as grounds for a protest. I remember reading an article in the San Antonio paper a while back about how realtors were not putting the sales price of high end properties into the MLS so the appraisial district would be in the dark about how to value the house. The article made mention of how this was a violation of the realtor's contractual agreements with the MLS or some other organization. Is this not the case in Houston?
  8. These systems (the type with inverter driven compressors) are probably better suited to our climate than typical central systems since they are totally computer controlled and can modulate the amount of cooling and dehumidification delivered. You can also get systems which have a single condenser that will increase and decrease the amount of heat removal it is providing to serve multiple indoor units....a big money saver if you only need to cool a couple rooms.
  9. They're called tri-fuel generators. They can run on methane (natural gas), propane, or gasoline. Some generators come tri-fuel ready from the factory, others you have to buy and install a conversion kit.
  10. The firms that immediately come to mind would be... MDGI MC2 Stern & Bucek So...question about your Boston condo redo....what are the overall dimensions of the kitchen/dining/living room space?
  11. Not only did it have the "SAVERPLUS" code in it, but it had an ID field tying it back to a specific (marketing) affiliate.
  12. SHAME ON YOU for trying to get referral kickbacks! The original link he posted had an Affiliate ID in it.
  13. So? It takes years and years of planning to complete a project like that. The plan to move had been set in motion back when everything was coming up roses in the car industry.
  14. The bottoms are made of 1 & 1/4" marine grade plywood. Water resistant, maybe...but not waterproof, and certainly not suitable for long term burial below ground.
  15. $200k more than actual market value? That should be SUPER easy to prove....if it is actually true. You need cold, hard facts. The best facts to present are sales figures for houses which are virtually identical to your home, which may be problematic in the heights due to the wide variety of houses, lot sizes, and conditions of surrounding properties. The second best facts to present are HCAD's own market (NOT APPRAISED) values to houses which are virtually identical to yours. The more different the houses you're comparing yours to, the weaker your case will be.
  16. The only thing remarkable about the exterior is the SEARS sign/bus shelter combination out front. The rest of the building is big, boring, white and boxy.
  17. Really? All the info I can find seems to indicate it wouldn't make a difference....Fox broadcasts their digital signal on UHF 27 which is supposed to be centered at 522 MHz. An FM filter would only filter out frequencies between 88 and 108 MHz.
  18. Well that sucks. They're the only station my rabbit ears have a problem pulling in with consistent quality.
  19. You're looking at buying in Garden Oaks which has arguably not so great schools, but you're worried about the Schools in Summerwood? I don't get it. Are schools important or not? BTW, There's WAY more appreciation potential for a house close in on a larger lot.
  20. Dacapo's Bakery & Deli gets my vote. I paid $25 for a Key Lime Pie and it WASN'T ANY GOOD! The $6 Edwards brand pies from the grocery store are WAY better!
  21. That's what I would suggest....don't get in a hurry to buy anything. Wait a little while and you'll find the house you want for the price you want. Did you see this house: http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y
  22. If you want something less traditional looking you could go for just a big sheet of stainless cut to fit.
  23. Let's list them all for a typical household.... Cable or Satellite Landline Phone Cell phone (Supposedly the average household has 12.75 credit cards...let's say half have a balance any given month) Credit Card 1 Credit Card 2 Credit Card 3 Credit Card 4 Credit Card 5 Credit Card 6 Water Gas Electricity Mortgage Car Payment Home Insurance Car Insurance That's a whole bunch of logins and passwords to have to remember.
  24. There are standard libraries for date calculations. However, when firms are building device drivers or firmware they will typically eschew libraries in favor of coding everything "by hand" because there's a high degree of interaction with the hardware which won't be in a library (because a driver is sort of like a "library" for that hardware) and it is often important for these types of projects to be small things which are typically not library strong points.
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