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  1. I glanced at the Chronicle this morning and it stated 51 stories, so you were close.
  2. At 19.5 percent, downtown Houston's vacancy rate is still well-above the national average of around 14 percent. But since 2016, downtown Houston's trophy towers have been home to 64 percent of signed leases in downtown greater than 20,000 square feet, per the report. This is despite those towers comprising 36 percent of downtown's office inventory. Among those deals is Targa Resources Corp. (NYSE: TRGP), a Houston-based energy company, signing a 127,734-square-foot lease in 811 Louisiana in March. And though this tower is still under construction, Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank
  3. Bisnow article: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/economy/waiting-for-the-bounce-as-houston-rebounds-back-76781
  4. Pennzoil is 523 ft. tall and Capitol Tower will be 579 ft. tall. So, yes, it should be quite visible from I-45 coming into town from the north.
  5. Finally! http://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Bank-of-America-lease-jump-starts-construction-of-11068370.php
  6. Absolutely fabulous. I couldn't believe my eyes when driving in early this morning!
  7. Regarding the stadium, of the $442 million price, $284 million is being paid for with hotel occupancy and car rental taxes earmarked for use by the sports authority, with the remainder coming from tenant payments and user fees. So, unless you are staying in hotels here or renting cars, your tax dollars aren't "being wasted" on NRG Stadium.
  8. And, from my understanding, that's what Bracewell is going to do.
  9. Inside sources confirm that this is just the garage being built. I was told the tunnel would be open by the end of the year. They are looking for a very large tenant before building the tower. The large law firm has decided to remain in its Pennzoil Place.
  10. (1) Currently the law firm has approx. 104 attorneys in 4 floors. (2) The law firm that will be leasing new space in 2018 has 220 or so lawyers and have about 9 or 10 floors now.
  11. I know one is in talks with Skanska. I am not 100% sure that the second is, but I am trying to find out.
  12. I know of one fairly large downtown law firm in negotiations with Skanska to move in 2017. I also know that another large downtown law firm is looking to move in early 2018 and are possibly in talks with the Capitol Tower folks. Fingers crossed.
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