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  1. I like the Old Main Loop which ran from near Craghead and ran all the way through the Astrodome site
  2. everybody get a plus from me!
  3. your cousin was one hell of a car salesman! He sold my dad a new Chrysler every other year for my entire childhood! In fact, I remember Mr. Barbato sending me, my brother and sister birthday cards every year....man, oh man, that was customer service that kept you coming back FOREVER....
  4. wrong, Catholic schools do not have a problem reconciling their faith with science.....and they are pretty darn good about scholarships...and here is my personal favorite.... no armed guards or metal detectors
  5. Does anyone know what is going up at the northwest corner of Woodwind and W. Bellfort, directly across the street from St. George's Church? It used to be a small private school, bu the lot was cleared a year or two ago. They recently began laying underground sewage and plumbing. Anyone? Google maps
  6. Born and reared here, educated here, work here, and since most of my family has passed away, my wife's family keeps us rooted here, and I can't imagine living somewhere that did't have 100 degree summers
  7. the old Burger King is the very same building which now holds CiCi's Pizza....it was a Dairy Queen for while as well....I am willing to bet there is some serious built up grime in that building...all those years of fast food cooking......
  8. you know they are remaking "Red Dawn".. spider, are you writing the script?
  9. my less than reliable sources tell me it is a new Burger King - Where Kids are King!
  10. It is a great day to WORK

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