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  1. Late 1970s... 😲😲😲 ... can't image having to walk blocks to your car in the mid-summer heat and humidity with no trees / shade at all... nothing but baking pavement... ugh what a nightmare!
  2. Just give it some time... it'll happen eventually... that's the way Downtown is going.
  3. Agree... there's something about the stone with this building (all of it) that bothers me... it just doesn't seem to go with the rest of the building. Maybe once it's done and all lit up with people living in it I'll feel different. Still a very beautiful building and such a great addition to this part of Downtown. 😁
  4. Club 2020 is no longer a thing... it went from a night club to a church... 🙄
  5. Now we just need someone to open up where Lucky's Pub was in EaDo ... such a great space and location ... hate seeing it empty.
  6. Agree... had Sunday brunch a few weeks ago with several friends at the newish Acme Oyster House in Montrose... food was great but service was so slow and we were shocked that on a Sunday when they were obviously busy that they were closing between 3pm and 5pm. Well after a quick talk with our server we found out why... it was a labor issue... they were short staffed and the cooks were very overworked. So obviously we understood.
  7. I walk across Disco Green several times a week during the early afternoon hours (usually between 1pm and 4pm) and there are always people there ... especially now that more and more people are vaccinated and back to pre-covid life. Of course on weekends it's much more crowded but even during weekdays there are people walking around and kids enjoying the playground and fountains.
  8. I was literally trying to figure that out, too! lol .... I concluded "Twenty 24"
  9. Sign is up at the former Eado's / Lucky's Lodge in EaDo.... hopefully that's a temporary sign since it seems like it cost less than $10 to make. 🙄
  10. I walked by today and it looks like they are maybe ... key word "maybe" ... working on some of the other spaces in the strip center. They had the door of 1 other former place open (this is the 2nd or 3rd time I noticed this... I walk by several times a week going to and from downtown) and they had workers going in and out ... not sure exactly what's going on just something I noticed.
  11. They are also building booths for sitting on the outside side patio.
  12. I live near here and they've been working on the old "Lucky's Lodge" now for weeks... not sure if it's gonna be a new bar or restaurant (or both) but something is definitely going there.
  13. From this morning .... she's definitely a beauty. This combined with the Texas Tower will have big impacts on this part of Downtown.
  14. It's amazing how much this part of Downtown has changed / continues to change with the help of Discovery Green. When I moved here in 2002 I wouldn't even consider walking by this area... now it's my neighborhood.
  15. Really looking forward to this place since I live a few blocks away... great addition to the neighborhood.
  16. They were finally tearing down the old Sparkle's burger shack at Leeland and Emancipation when I was driving by yesterday... not saying that means anything... was just an observation.
  17. It's high enough now that I get a nice view of it rising from my street in Eado...
  18. Took a walk through the park last night... such a nice addition! The new lighting is really bright... looks great at night. Will be even nicer once the fence around the new playground comes down.
  19. Very nice! Great improvement / addition to the park.
  20. Very excited to see this happen... live near BBVA stadium and walk past this area several times a week (well I did back when life was normal and stuff was open) going back and forth from EaDo and Downtown... will be fun watching this thing go up. The Marriott Marquis is, unfortunately for them, definitely gonna lose a big chunk of their "downtown view" from the pool deck.
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