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  1. HtownWxBoy

    Frankel's has been sold.

    I was expecting just more townhomes ... this is much better!
  2. HtownWxBoy

    East Village Mixed-Use Development at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Stopped by Vinny's for lunch on Wednesday... pizza was amazing. The pies are a bit pricey, but when you see the actual size of them it's understandable. They are going to do very well.
  3. HtownWxBoy

    East Village Mixed-Use Development at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Very excited for this ... another great addition to my neighborhood!
  4. HtownWxBoy

    Electric Scooters Sharing

    I saw 2 or 3 people on these around Downtown / East Downtown a week or two ago. I have a good friend in D.C. who said they are everywhere up there.
  5. Uptown may look "cleaner" to some extent but it's just not a walkable area in my opinion. Downtown is more dense and walkable and you have the rail lines ... it feels more like a "city" and is getting even better with the population surge. Uptown to me just means traffic and big avenues / boulevards. I live in the GRB / soccer stadium area and love how I can just walk to so many things or take the rail if i want... don't need my car as much.
  6. Awesome! This part of Downtown has changed so much in the past few years ... starting with Discovery Green. Love it!
  7. HtownWxBoy

    Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building

    Loving all of these food halls coming to Downtown!
  8. "After last week’s opening of the direct connector between I-45 northbound and U.S. 59/I-69 North, TxDOT will now open the new St. Joseph Parkway-Pease Street exit to help get traffic into downtown Houston. TxDOT’s Deidrea George said the revamped exit should be open by Monday morning’s commute." Finally! .... no more having to exit onto Scott Street to get home to EaDo.
  9. HtownWxBoy

    Art Hous @ 811 St Emanuel Street

    Wow ... that's gotta be a record for the least amount of time a restaurant was open. I live around the corner and only went once ... the food itself was good but the service was not ... figured it was just growing pains.
  10. HtownWxBoy

    Block 58 Redevelopment by Hines, 47-Story Office Tower

    Great addition to that section of Downtown ... will be a great view approaching the city from the east.
  11. HtownWxBoy

    Paul Revere Revolution Rum Distillery @ 2201 Dallas Street

    Great news for EaDo!
  12. HtownWxBoy

    Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    "Grand Texas Theme Park in New Caney has announced that it will start construction on its Big Rivers Waterpark in August, with an estimated opening of summer 2018. Construction on the main Grand Texas theme part is expected to begin after the water park is already in operation."
  13. HtownWxBoy

    SkyHouse #3 (SkyHouse Main) Planned for Block 368

    Agree ... it's amazing all of the residential projects being completed Downtown ... Market Square, near Minute Maid Park, near the new Sky House towers .... Downtown is finally becoming a place to live.