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  1. Very excited to see this happen... live near BBVA stadium and walk past this area several times a week (well I did back when life was normal and stuff was open) going back and forth from EaDo and Downtown... will be fun watching this thing go up. The Marriott Marquis is, unfortunately for them, definitely gonna lose a big chunk of their "downtown view" from the pool deck.
  2. Walking past this building it's amazing how massive it is.
  3. The crazy weather is happening tonight / overnight .... the rain will be over by sunrise.
  4. Went once while it was open. The food was good (not great but good) but the service was very odd... you ordered at a counter when you walked in (normally this is where you would also pay) but you paid at the table like a normal restaurant. I don't know I just remember being confused with the service.
  5. "The property is 94% leased to a diverse roster of industry- leading, high-credit tenants with a 10.6 year weighted average lease term." Wow 94% leased... that's impressive... I didn't think it was that much.
  6. Fantastic news for the Theater District. Really looking forward to seeing this project take shape.
  7. Agree. The parking was inevitable but I am really digging the actual look of the place.
  8. New renderings are up on their facebook page... actually looks like a nice place.
  9. I have a friend who lives across the street and he spoke with one of the workers who confirmed it's going to be a BBQ restaurant.
  10. As long as it's not townhomes ... we have enough of those in EaDo.
  11. Fingers crossed they do something... that building has been such an eyesore for so long.
  12. Yet another great new addition to Eado... 🥐 https://houston.eater.com/2019/8/9/20798676/koffeteria-opening-houston-eado-fall-2019-chef-vanarin-kuch "Koffeteria, a new bakery from Top Chef contestant Vanarin Kuch, will open its doors in EaDo this fall. The former Tiny Boxwoods pastry chef tells Eater that his new pastry destination will debut at 1110 Hutchins Street, Suite 102, later this fall (late October)."
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