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  1. Alcohol and ax throwing ... it's a winning combination!
  2. "Saltgrass Steakhouse coming soon" sign now up in front of the GRB where Bud's was.
  3. Was thinking the same exact thing!
  4. As someone who is terrified of heights I have SO much respect for workers like this! haha
  5. We are going to need a parking garage in this area so as long as there are street level retail I'm ok with it.
  6. Can't wait for this thing to FINALLY start rising!
  7. Construction has definitely started around 2 Houston Center... there are barriers up all along the McKinney side with pictures of what it will look like in the end.
  8. Finn Hall has been a great addition to Main Street .... stopped by yesterday and it was packed (as was it last Saturday). Downtown used to be completely dead on weekends.
  9. HtownWxBoy

    Discovery Green

    Live a few blocks away and walk across Disco Green several times a week going between EaDo and Downtown ... it's amazing how this park has helped transform this part of Downtown. Looking forward to seeing the improvements.
  10. If true that would make it our tallest residential building when complete... about the same height as Downtown's Wedge International Tower.
  11. So will this be Houston's tallest residential building when it's done? Current tallest is 2929 Weslayan at 40 floors / 533 feet.
  12. Imagine what Downtown would be like if all of those shops / restaurants in the tunnels and all of the people who use the tunnels daily were above ground... Downtown would be a completely different place.
  13. Just not a fan of all of the white... for some reason to me it looks unfinished.
  14. I was expecting just more townhomes ... this is much better!
  15. Stopped by Vinny's for lunch on Wednesday... pizza was amazing. The pies are a bit pricey, but when you see the actual size of them it's understandable. They are going to do very well.
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