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  1. Wow @ that last photo. Things have changed just a bit.
  2. This is the main reason I chose Downtown/EaDo over Uptown when I moved a few years back. When I think of Uptown I think of traffic, parking lots and busy boulevards.... oh and more traffic. Love Downtown's density.
  3. Walked by today on my way home... it's rising fast!
  4. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/06-20-19-shake-shack-new-location-downtown-houston-702-main-opening-date-june-25/ Yup.... Tuesday the 25th.
  5. Great addition to that part of Downtown. Looks good.
  6. Agree this is a horrible location for a "Hard Rock Hotel". The one being built in New Orleans is right on Canal Street... great location.
  7. Wow I knew this thing was going to be close to the Cosmopolitan but that's insane ... lol.... they are gonna be able to reach out and touch each other! lol
  8. I'm sure the Marriott won't mind if this project is shelved...they won't lose their pool deck skyline view.
  9. I believe this building will have several floors of above ground parking below the office floors.
  10. Wow ... what an amazing addition to Downtown. 😍
  11. Love the SkyPark! ... it's like a little urban oasis.
  12. Alcohol and ax throwing ... it's a winning combination!
  13. "Saltgrass Steakhouse coming soon" sign now up in front of the GRB where Bud's was.
  14. Was thinking the same exact thing!
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