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  1. Interesting article on why some people hate the suburbs. Sorry if it has been posted elsewhere. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123033369595836301.html
  2. Sorry if this has been asked or answered elsewhere, but I couldnt find it..... I am flying back to Houston this weekend and was wondering if there will be any taxis operating at Continental? It appears that the supply of gasoline is still an issue, so I am not sure if the cabs are back to work yet. I really dont want to land at Continental and then be stuck at the airport.....
  3. Stay away from the real estate "gurus".... http://www.johntreed.com/gurucustomers.html I highly recommend John Reed's real estate investing books: http://www.johntreed.com/realestate.htm Its a great place to start for not much money, especially compared to what some people will try to charge you for their "advice".
  4. Actually on a worldwide basis significantly more people watch F1 than Nascar. Now as far as the US goes, Nascar is king.
  5. I think you are spot on with this. You may also see some units rented by executives who live out in the suburbs and get jammed working really late a couple of nights a week.
  6. AAA

    2727 Kirby

    I drove by today and they are definitely moving dirt....they have piled up enough that it is clearly visible from Kirby. To my untrained eye it looks like work has finally begun.....
  7. Interesting......What is the rationale beind this 25% theory? With regard to appreciation and buying a house, inside the loop is probably the way to go.
  8. Does anyone know whats the latest on this development? Thanks!
  9. I may have to replace a knob and tube electrical system in a house I am buying. Can anyone recommend an electrician/company they have had a good experience with? ie good quality work and inexpensive? Thanks!
  10. I went in this house during an open house a few weeks back. I did like the interior but a huge problem (for me at least) was that the view from both the living room and the porch is of a wooden fence. If the yard was bigger it might work, but as you can tell from the pictures there isnt much room between the fence and porch.
  11. Do kids from the "richest neighborhoods" actually attend HISD beyond elementary school? Every single person I know who grew up in River Oaks attended private school for at least middle school and beyond.
  12. AAA

    2727 Kirby

    I would bet zero. I filled out the contact info a few weeks ago and have yet to hear anything. I don't think they even have a sales office yet.
  13. AAA

    2727 Kirby

    They have added a bit to their web site. It sounds more and more like the Azure in Dallas everyday... Unrivaled design proffers an unparalleled lifestyle at 2727 Kirby. There is no need for upgrades as each exclusive residence and private-entry estate presents the finest features and finishes available; each is a masterpiece of design, elegance and luxury. Features such as large, private terraces, soaring ceilings, imported stone flooring and European cabinetry are standard. At 2727, you are embraced, swathed and surrounded in superlative style and unmatched service. Your home is the archetype of elegance and excellence in Houston. Exclusive Residences and Private-Access Estates Interiors
  14. AAA

    2727 Kirby

    www.2727kirby.com although there really isnt much there right now...
  15. In the words of Homer J Simpson: "I don't have the discipline to be a hippie"
  16. Are you sure about that? Are you talking about the NW corner "turret" balconies? I used to live in the Renoir, and unless I am getting my directions mixed up, I seem to remember actually going out on one of those balconies. Then again it was several years ago...
  17. It looks like pics from Driscoll Street, which is right behind the Renoir. If so there are generic Townhomes on the other side.
  18. I like both styles as long as they are done well. The big issues for me are association fees and valet parking. I want as low as possible association/maintenance fees. One of the Condos in Houston (maybe the Beaconsfield?) has maintenance fees that are significantly higher than an 80% mortgage! My other issue is forced valet parking. I want my own assigned parking spot, I dont want to wait on a valet everytime I want to get something out of my car. I simply wont buy a unit at a building that has mandatory valet parking.
  19. Thanks for all the input. I will keep you posted as soon as I hear anything else.
  20. Hi, I was wondering if there was an office building downtown that was generally considered the
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