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  1. I'll add a few.. Skatin Place (Murphy Rd. in Stafford) Space Invaders. This was the first place I ever saw this game, and remember how complicated the game seemed at the time. Safeway (Wilcrest & W. Belfort) Pheonix & Star Castle 7-11 (Hickory Downs & Clay) Stargate. Wish I had all the rolls of quaters I put in that game, back now! Corner food store (W. Belfort) Joust , Popeye & Donkey Kong Jr. Barney's (W. Belfort) Next door to Corner food store. Ten Yard Fight & Combat This was also the only place I ever saw a coin opperated (Video) Strip Poker game. We were too young to be in here, but nobody seemed to mind. Too bad this thread isn't - "Arcades of the 80's" Could go on about that forever.
  2. token, Has your Wiki page been deleted? I've tried to view it several times, but don't get anything but a missing page message. Now about the park on 45 - If the place your remembering had pony rides, then it wasn't Malibu~Watercoaster. Cosmic made a good point, that it may have very well been a place like Pepermint park or something there like. I kinda remember one up there, but where has long been forgoten.
  3. That may have been Celebration Station, but I seem to remember it being at Rankin & 45. I'm not exactly sure when that opened or when it closed though. The other park on 45 was Malibu~Watercoaster, which was the same general area, but about twenty years earlier. I have some great memories from both the Watercoaster and the Games People Play on 1960. Regards, Rhino
  4. This would have been Windchime cinema back in the 80's. (??) If it's where I'm thinking of, it was at the corner of Synott in the shoping center. I remember going on a couple of dates there.
  5. Pumapayam, There actualy was a bowling alley in the Galleria, back in the mid to late 70's. My father who was a comercial loan officer for Bank of the Southwest at the time, made several trips there (with me in tow) to watch the construction of it. The sad thing about it was, it stayed in operation almost as long as it took to build. It closed within just a few months, after a large number of complaints from neighboring mall tenants. However the idea didn't really take off anyway. BTW - This wasn't so much of a bowling alley, as it was a bar that had a bowling alley in it.
  6. Anyone consider the impact Continental Airlines has made on this area?
  7. Yeah Vert, your right that would have been the place. I remember the Wicks n' Sticks at Westwood mall back in the 70's which also had candles either carved or moulded like dragons and castles among other things. I couldn't imagine someone buying one of these, and then ever lighting it. They were not cheap! It was no Yankee Candle Company, for sure! Now if anyone else remembers Westwood...there was another store there (I think) called Pickwick records. They had so much stuff in this store! In the 70's they had records, black light posters, lava lamps, tie dyed clothing, you name it. One of the things I remember buying there was a beer can lamp. I know somebody else has to remember these. They sold them in all different colors, beer or soda cans, and they had this sort of flickering fillament in them that looked like a flame when you pluged it in. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world as a kid, but you can't find these anywhere now. Lava lamps, sure... but not those.
  8. We always called them "Goat roper's", "Stoner's" , "Jock's" , "Prep's , "Punk's" and "Nerd's". Then there was the ROTC guys.... I do however remember KIKK, form back in the time KIKK and KILT were the two country stations. You also had rock stations KLOL, KSRR and KRBE (KRBE was awsome back in the day). I remember 79Q on the am dial too, before the fm 93Q.
  9. Fairview and Taft would be the Hyde Park Supermarket, has been since at least the early to mid 70's. I can't place the store though...remember going in it, just can't remember where it was. Yep, that's it!
  10. Would anybody by chance have any information about a Sunset Theater on McGowen? This would have been from sometime in the 40's. A picture would be great. I am not refering to the Sunset drive in, which seems to be the only result I can get for "Sunset theater". Thanks, Rhino
  11. I remember Monterey House well, but aren't there still some of those around? I thought they just changed names to Monterey's TexMex cafe. I guess though, that those could be closed too now. Wasn't it Monterey House that had the chili con queso puff's, or am I thinking of Los Tios? BTW- welcome to the board slmintx
  12. Does anybody else remember the traffic problems this train caused, especialy at Gessner and I-10. I used to work in this area, and it never seemed to fail that everyday around 5:30 some slow moving freight train would roll by and just screw everything up! I remember having to detour all the way back through the neighborhoods to beltway 8, just to get on I-10 west. I would be after 7:00 most days geting home. As far as the city converting this to some type of light rail - I don't think there was room for that. I-10 had to be expanded, there was no way around it! That....and the MKT right of way wasn't realy wide enough for commuter stations. There would have also been a problem with access to those stations, because people would have needed to cross what was an often very busy Old Katy Rd. just to get to them. Now out near Fry and Mason, this would have been a bit of a different story. They could have set up some type of Park and ride operation, but then again they already had the HOV lanes. So.....ehhh. It's gone now.
  13. Best I can tell, yes it was. I found that road on many old maps, but never a name on it. Does anyboby know if KHOU ever did a follow up report on this?
  14. http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=U...029259495555472 Maybe 2008 N. Eldridge Parkway.
  15. I had to go pull the vending machine out of this place, some time after it closed. (would have been year 2000"ish") The place was infested with rat's, and not much to look at inside. I had to get the rats out of the machine before I could load it on the truck!
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