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  1. its a slippery slope people. Todays it's the easment, tomorrow it's your garage.
  2. When will this end? If a hispanic, black, white, blue, green man/woman steals your car off the streets,and claims he/she thought it was heavy trash, will you back them up? No..obviously not. I want the Heights to be a place where kids can shoot basketballs in the street without waking up to see that Jose/John/Jamal has taken it along with the aluminum cans in the trash/recycle bin. Please call your local authorities if you see someone taking your property without your permission, and send these people a message. Thank you Heightsite for doing the right thing.
  3. Nobody has said anything about their race other than describing them. It's what these people are doing is the question. Quit pulling the race card..its freaking pathetic.
  4. Times are tough my friend? Get real ...Nobody should be stealing a basketball goal from a street, yard, anywhere..This is a crime and those two should be in jail. Quit sticking up for criminals.
  5. yankee- use this website and search 77008...there are 38 people. see if he is there and report his ass.. https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DPS_WEB/S...rchType=Zipcode
  6. sorry about that, but in my eyes I connect the two issues. I know how it sounds and I hate that I sound that way, but I think there is some truth to it...
  7. what brings down a neghborhood? Apartments what does the Heights have a lot of? Apartments Lets keep up our streets and watch our neihgbors back, so developers will take a chance on our neighborhood and buy up these properties. If you see a bum or homeless person in the Heights, do what I do..Dont give them a dime and tell them to get the ell out.
  8. the Reagan kids would use it as their new hang out..good idea, just bad location.
  9. Urban Rendezvous is over priced. Is that why they are about to close shop and leave the Heights for Kirby...oops!
  10. This is truly disturbing. I believe this comes from the many apartment complexes and ratty multi family housing in the area. This is when I call on all of the builders and developers to keep doign what youre doing. Get these people out of the Heights. Glad everyone is OK.
  11. After a night of shopping at ROSS across the street, I enjoy getting my groceries at that fine establishment. Had a good laugh watching homeless man trying to get shopping cart out of Krogers parking lot, he was stalled by the magnets and couldnt understand it. I just about lost it when he tried for minutes to pick it up and carry it over..... On the subject of the homeless I was in the Mcdonals drive thru on Yale, and Mr. Worthless asked me for a buck at my window. After I said no, he asked if he could siphon gas out of my car, I agreed, and he looked puzzled and walked off.... But back to K
  12. I have a good sized stack on Cortlandt. I will make a deal with you. You have to haul it away first before determining if its hickory...then it's all yours.
  13. I am all for growth in the Heights, but this does not sit right with me.I dont know if this has already been discussed or have no clue if this is true or just a rumor.....but a waitress at the Cafe told me their lease was up in December. She said the apartments across the street will tear down the building to put a parking garage she thinks..... If anyone knows whats going on, please tell....I really like this place.
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