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  1. In the late 1970s, I remember a yellow convertible Corvette with a standing, inebriated, bearded Superman cruising up and down lower Westheimer Road through the festival.
  2. The Sambo’s on Broadway St. about one mile and a half north of Hobby Airport was opened in June, 1975. I worked seven months there to January, 1976.
  3. Also Polyrock, The Fabulous Poodles, Jerry Jeff Walker, Psychedelic Furs, John Cale and Black Flag played at The Palace/ Faces/ Agora Ballroom.
  4. Other bands that played at the Agora Ballroom/ The Palace/ Faces were Polyrock, The Fabulous Poodles, Psychedelic Furs, John Cale, Black Flag and Jerry Jeff Walker.
  5. Dome Shadows near the Astrodome. St. James Club? In southwest Houston.
  6. About 2000, Hamburgers by Gourmet was opened for about a year on Park Place BLVD. Mr. Yost was thinking about moving the restaurant to Clear Lake.
  7. Is that the current location of 24-Hour Fitness or Galaxy Golf?
  8. Maybe they became the Robertson Chevrolet Dealership or the Helena Hotel (R.I.P.).
  9. Maybe the designers did not have a clue, but I bet the developers did. I remember my father in the 1960's wishing he'd owned land along the Gulf Freeway and the Northwest Freeway.
  10. On the other side of the Gulf Freeway across from Prince's Drive-In, was Princess' Drive-In. The story my mother has told over the years is that when the wife divorced from the Prince's owner, she took money from the divorce settlement and built a drive-in across the Gulf Freeway to compete with her ex-husband's drive-in. If memory serves me correctly, the Princess' Drive-In was located on the northwest corner of the intersection of the Gulf Freeway and Cullen.
  11. Yes, in the 1960's, Glenbrook Valley was home of the upper middle class. It was a great neighborhood to trick-or-treat and a great neighborhood to cruise during the Christmas season to check out the Christmas decorations. The empty lot by the Glenbrook Golf Course on the corner of Glenbrook Street and Arizona Street I believe, was the location where my friends, their relatives, their neighbors, my brother and I played football in the late '60's, early '70's.
  12. I attended the 2004 International Fesival. I just deleted several paragraphs. The festival was an enjoyable change of pace. Getting to the parking lot on Kirby Drive was a breeze all four weekend days. Parking was mostly a breeze. Either there was zero, one or two vehicles in line to pay. I drove to the back of the small parking lot and found empty spaces three rows back. Leaving the parking lot was mostly a breeze too. I may have had to wait a couple of minutes for crowds crossing the street, but no major problems getting to Kirby Drive. No major traffic on Kirby Drive. The festival was located on two parking lots with a grassy area covering one-third of the festival site in the middle. The grassy section had tents, small temporary structures put up for the festival and small trees to provide shade. The Thai area, the African section and International sections were in the grassy middle. The Texas and Latin stages were on the southern asphalt parking lot. On the northern asphalt parking lot was the children's section. The crowds were way down especially the first Saturday because of clouds, soggy grounds and a soaking long, light shower. The crowds picked up the second weekend when the sun came out. The two shadeless asphalt lots were very hot under the blazing sun. The old school Funk and Soul bands brought out a different, 30-to-44 year old crowd who appeared to reside in the surrounding neighborhoods. They were a nice change of pace. A Brazilian percussive, funk, rock band put on a great set. Texas Music performer, Pat Green, drew an enthusiastic crowd under the sweltering sun in the boiling parking lot. A Latin girl band put on an enjoyable set. The local ambient world music band, Moodfarka, played enjoyable sets in the Asian section. Although the music was enjoyable, I miss Rick Mitchell being in charge of the music. All-in-all, the festival was better than to be expected easy to maneuver around because of the small crowds. However, I am glad that the festival is back in downtown where it belongs!
  13. I attended kindergarten at Park Place Elementary School during the 1962-63 school year myself.
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