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  1. I saw yesterday that Charter Builders just moved a trailer onto some land at 1463 and Cinco Ranch Blvd. Since they don't build houses I am guessing that is where one of the new elementary schools will be going. Anyone know? I did see this: http://instantnewskaty.com/2011/04/20/20837.
  2. Not sure why we have all the hate. We are all going to end up in one or two places when it is all said and done, so we might as well get along now.
  3. Interesting place. I would not think they would get enough traffic in that spot. NTB's location makes sense, because it is close to Grand Parkway. I agree it will be better than driving several miles to the other locations.
  4. They all taste the same... bad and greasy. We need Taco Milagro, Lupe Tortillas and/or Chuy's. On another note, it would be nice to remove all of the signs from the front of Times Square, maybe it would help improve the type of businesses located there. No decent company wants to be associated with that development until they clean it up.
  5. A place like Empire Cafe in Montrose would be fantastic. It has a great breakfast, for those who thinks Denny's sucks (me), plus lunch and dinner. Here is a link to their site: http://www.empirecafe.net/ There seem to be a lot of people who moved to Katy from the inner loop who have moved out here to get the cheap house and "good" schools. One thing that we are missing are the good restaurants in the loop.
  6. Yep, I agree, but you have to have the chains to help build the infrastructure... blah, blah, blah...
  7. Though it is small, I think I can still make out a nail salon, liquor store and dry cleaners in the bottom right... and wait, wait I think there is Subway, too. Good times. In all seriousness, I hope it works out too. The more multi-use developments we can get out here, the better.
  8. We live close by in Falcon Ranch, so we are used to driving to most places.
  9. I have eaten at a Qdoba in Cambridge, MA, right across from Harvard. It is the same concept as Chipotle, with a little more variety. It is worth a try if you want a burrito, and do not want Chipotle or Mission.
  10. Well we had a two story entry, so we closed that in which gave us an extra 90 sq ft upstairs. We then made all of the half-walls, full walls. That was the entire gameroom up stairs which was open below. We also knocked down and moved walls to make one room larger. It was a fun project.
  11. I have been to this location as well as to several other Berry Hill locations east of Barker Cypress. On average they food at the Berry Hills east of Barker Cypress is better. I like Berry Hill, and was excited that they came to Katy, but was disappointed with the Katy location. I was not pointing to any individuals and am sorry that you took offense to my post. I bring up my generalization based on the masses that frequent all of the bad restaurants in Katy. I would be more than happy to list them (restaurants, not the people) if you would like. If people would stop eating at these places or comment on the poor food quality, it may force them to improve or close. Houston is considered to be the culinary capital of the nation, and Katy currently is a pimple on the face of this city highlight. I hope someday this blemish is cleared. You are correct in that many people in Katy know what good food is. Unfortunately, they have to go west of Barker Cypress to get it. I agree, since we live in the suburbs we should not automatically have to expect bad/generic food. We should expect and have access to good food, especially for the prices we are paying for the current bad/mediocre fare. Katy has become very diverse and more sophisticated in demographic, unfortunately the food has not caught up. I hope some day that it will. It was intended more for amusement than offense. I hope the folks at Berry Hill see this string of posts, and help out with both service and food quality. As I mentioned in a previous post, the population of Katy has become more diverse and sophisticated. It is just unfortunate that the restaurants have not kept up. A Taco Milagro or Cafe Express would fit very nicely into The Villagio or La Centerra. I am not advocating for places such as Mark's in Montrose, but more for everyday eateries that have fresh, quality food.
  12. When is your coffee place opening up? Always looking for new alternatives.
  13. It is even worse in Arizona and California, but yes, Katy is very generic and blah. I know it keeps cost down, but a little personality would be nice. Even the larger "custom" homes look alike. Cheap stucco, anyone?
  14. We used Houston Structural to redo our four year old house. It is no longer generic... http://www.houstonstructural.com/ We worked with Tom Lammers and Mark Hamilton. Great work, ethical, clean and have great ideas. They did the blueprints and even let us keep them.
  15. Have you talked to It's a Grind, Peet's Coffee or Diedrich's? All fine coffee institutions who know how to run a professional coffee establishment. Also, they know how to train people.
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