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  1. Your grandfather did PR work for Kwik Kopy Printing in the early 1980s, and I met him there. He had the perfect radio announcer voice, and he had a kind, gentle demeanor. I remember the radio PSA for seat belts that he created which was played on KLEF, the classical music station. It was a masterful reading of what happens to a person when an auto is in a collision. He talked about Glenn McCarthy and the golden days of the Shamrock.
  2. Chris Chandler ( the weatherman) had a bit part in John Wayne's 'Hellfighters,' playing an obnoxious reporter who is punched by the Duke.
  3. It looks cartoonish, if this drawing is an accurate representation.
  4. She did have large eyes -- I think we heard it was a lawnmower accident. All rumors and conjecture, of course. Can you type the lyrics you remember? I remember the first part and end but not the middle -- something about "We want to learn to read..." I have an old friend who also attended the school who would get a kick out of knowing the words as well. Thanks!
  5. My stepfather was food buyer for the Alfred's delis on Rice and Stella Link in the sixties. There were many nice people who worked there, and the store portion of the delis carried off the wall favorites like chocolate covered ants and Tiger's milk (don't ask). The deli and bakery were always great, and the powdered sugar dusted brownies were solid chunks of chocolately goodness. Inside Khan's high up on the walls are blown-up black and white graphic photos of the old deli, and when I mentioned to Alfred's son that my stepdad worked there, he said, "You mean Henry? He's right over there" and pointed to him in the photo. Anyone remember the Town and Country Alfreds? It was modelled after a Swiss Chalet, complete with a painted-life sized diorama of Alfred wearing lederhosen on a Swiss hill. Anyone have any photos of the stores?
  6. Yes, she did. My older brother and I fixated on the missing finger when we started going there back in 64. Do you remember the song?
  7. Does anyone remember any of the words to the song? My understanding is that it was written by the principal (Mrs. Nesbitt) "Oh Montgomery is a school named for a hero, A man of courage in the face of danger, he did his duty well, and earned respect from all. We're proud to have a school named Montgomery." Seriously, that's how the first part went. Having a school with such a dire inspiration certainly made an impression on me when I was 7 years old. Think about it! Your school was named after a janitor who died a few years ago in an EXPLOSION!" If anyone out there remembers the other words to the song, please let me know. I'm thinking of setting up a website to centralize much of the info now available about the bombing. It would be nice to have Mrs. Nesbitt's words there.
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