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  1. Both of my Grandfather's owned garages in the 30's and 40's at the corner of Main and Lealand.
  2. Your right, prison life is sad. To bad more people don't realize that until it is too late and they end-up there.
  3. Why did you find it sad? Do you find the HSLR sad too? Here is a nice piece on the Prison Rodeo. http://media.www.houstonianonline.com/media/storage/paper229/news/2005/04/26/Huntsville/Prison.Rodeo.Gone.But.Not.Forgotten-937824.shtml
  4. You are correct, it was Victoria Station. It has been a long time and I could not remember the exact name.
  5. I yes I remember he was going to use them for a hotel right accross the street from the Astrodome. I think a few of the cars were used just down the street for a Steak and Ale resturant.
  6. I grew up in the Meyerland area and there was a Sage at 610 and Bisonett accross from Meyerland where the Home Depot now sits. I always liked Sage and I bought my first 8 Track stero system there in the 70's. I never cared to much for Globe.
  7. That could be also true but I do know at 1960 and Hwy 149 it was also called "Wolf Corner" and I remember seeing them hanging there as a kid.
  8. 2001 law suite against the City of Houston filed by Piotrowski. http://www.romingerlegal.com/fifthcircuit/...32.cv0.wpd.html
  9. I remeber as kid around 1968 driving down 1960 with my folks going to Spring Creek park by Tomball. I think the corner of 1960 and 249 was called wolf corner and I remember seeing dead wolf's hanging from the fence.
  10. I was a Redraider from 1970 to 1973. Learned allot under Coach Fowler, made great friends that lasted through high school and it prepaired me for the next leval of football.
  11. I ran track and played football at Johnston. Walker coached track and 7 grade football during my 7th and 8th grade year and he then went to Wheatly to coach track. He was the best coach I ever had. I won district and city in the 100 and 440 relay under Coach Walker while at Johnston. I also played 2 years of football for Coach Ahr and Coach Johnson. Coach Ahr was a little wierd but Coach Johnson was great. Coach Fisher coached the Varsity basketball team and I think he is the Principle at Foneville now. Then there was coach Tucker. Coach Macy came along my 9th grade and was a total jerk which
  12. My Grandmother was the Parts Manager for Ivey Russell Motors for 30+ years when they were at the original location on Main and then they move to Milam and the named changed to Russell/Smith. She would take me to Sears for lunch from time to time. She retired just before they moved again to the current location at 610.
  13. Both of my Grandfathers owned garauges in down town durning the 30's and 40's almost right next to each other on Main and McKenny. The names were Grantham Tires and Purnell Auto Repair. I have a few pictures I post in the next week.
  14. I grew-up on O'meara just off W. Belfort and everybody on one side of W. Befort went to madison while the other side went to Bellaire. You drove almost by Westbury to get to Madison. Lucky for me I was able to go under the radar and go to Westbury.
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