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  1. Looks like Katy Main Street is about to start construction next year. The project will be 400,000 sq ft retail, restaurants and banks. This project will also include over 500,000 sq ft of class A office space.
  2. Just heard from a inside source that Alamo Drafthouse or Studio Movie Grill wil be locating in the SE parcel of land at the Pearland Town Center.
  3. For those that are interested in viewing the memorial hermann tower building and crown lights at night NOW! here they are........... https://secure1.mhhs.org/memorialhermanntower/home.html
  4. Construction has begun on the canal. Bulldozers are cutting a path thur the trees now.
  5. I am sure it will look different when the electronic signage is up and running.
  6. Pumapayam can you tell me where the last pic was taken? Is it by the new Lifetime Fitness?
  7. I believe that the video screens on main would make sense, because it would create a perfect center of energy downtown. On the east end you have the sporting venues and the new park. Main street will eventually create the pedestrian connection that it was intended to be. On the West end you would have Bayou Place and the Theatre District At the end of construction you will have large crowds of people going thur the Houston Pavillions and up and down Main. Brillant move for the 4th largest city in the nation.
  8. How do you rank your top ten projects?
  9. If everyone was blind and transported to a unknown area and had to live the rest of there lives like that, would issues of race matter? (think about it). Once you think about it you will understand that most are blind with there eyes wide open.
  10. Very nice photos dhicks2000. Not sure if you meant to call it the George R Brown Park, as to identify the location for some, or if you did not know the name of the park (Discovery Green). However, enjoyed the nice photos, keep em coming
  11. Diversity is what makes Houston the City it is..........Wonderful! God created all, including the trees that money comes from. (Think about it).
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