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  1. Well, I learned something new. I'm gonna buy me a portable digital thermometer and scout around for coffee hotter than 135. Once I hit that magic, mother lode 150, 170 or even 180 I'm gonna put on my thick sweat pants, put the coffee between my knees and clumsily remove the lid with my old shaking, creaking hands and score me a cool 2 or 3 mil. Beats working for a living and I get a 5 or 7 day stay in the hospital with them young boooootiful 18 year old candystripers to give me a rubdown before falling off to sleep to dream of my new 47' sailboat with all the toys based in Aruba. I'll post pics of myself onboard raising a toast to HAIF and say thanks to this very thread for making my lifelong dream come true. Hopefully that same lawyer that handled the McDonalds case will be available for mine.
  2. What's up with all these crazy lawyers?? DALLAS (March 10, 2010)—A Dallas city attorney who shot a father and son Monday inside their financial business in a North Dallas office building died early Wednesday afternoon from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse said. Robert Mustard, 60, shot himself Monday after shooting Richard Smith, 66, and Christopher Smith, 39. Had he lived, Mustard would have faced aggravated assault charges, but Janse says those charges won't be filed now. Richard Smith was shot four times in the legs. His son was shot in the head and neck. Both were in stable condition Wednesday. Authorities believe Mustard was upset about financial dealings.
  3. I know of no restaurant or any public establishment anywhere in the world that accepts responsibility for items lost and, in many cases, even damaged, on the premises. Perhaps he is seeking a precedent. In 1984 fashion all places of business will be 100% responsible for any and all lost items. Feel free to lose your 10K ring and claim maximum damages along with emotional distress due to the fact that the business did not have 30 employees monitoring every nook, cranny and aisle for potential lost items. Another scoundrel snaked that ring, tuff!, you the business are responsible. Yea right!! Give it a few years. I barely recognize the Houston I grew up in... Reminds me of the McDonalds case where the woman was awarded something like 10 million because she was not warned the coffee was hot then spilled it in her lap while probably applying makeup in the mirror. His steel trap memory faithfully remembers the shoddy treatment by his waitress (for sure it was not his attitude that affected her) yet somehow that steel trap memory failed him on his expensive polo jacket with the upgraded plaid lining. I feel sorry for whoever works, lives with or has to deal with that a-hole.
  4. About par for the course. Another idiot with a sheepskin that seeks to enrich himself by blaming others for his own blunders and stupidity. I love the smell of lawsuits in the morning. It's wonderful to live in a land that has 5% of the worlds population yet has 80% of its bottom feeders...er..garbage scows..ahem..cough,cough..lawyers. Blame and find fault with anyone and anything other than ones self. Harvard Motto. Or maybe he could sue himself. Claim split personalities. Jack the loser had control of his senses at the time of loss, later while walking to the plane his real personality Bill came back and realized that Jack had tricked him.
  5. Never had breakfast on the train with KiTiRiK but went to 3 or 4 live broadcasts and sat in the bleachers while she sashayed by. Back then during the Jerry Lewis telethon channel 13 kept the studio doors open. Anyone could breeze in and grab yourself live photo ops that were broadcast all over the city. My friends and I used to be camera hogs to see who could get the most airtime with us looking busy in the background.
  6. I'll tell ya one thing. They have their criminal justice system down to a science. I flew into Kai Tak in 98 on the very last day it was open. (WHOA, 6 flags has nothing on a Kai Tak red checkerboard landing in a 747!) A short KTR to Shenzhen and I was at my hotel. Now what was on the front page of the paper. A huge photo of 2 men and a woman being lead by 20 guards to the firing squad. They were convicted of stealing $5,000 from the government. And yes, there are some words you cannot mention in China. I mentioned some to my taxi driver in an offhand way and the driver bout had a heart attack. In many ways other people in other countries just have no idea what life is like there 75 miles outside the main cities. Count your blessings that you can afford cheap walmart crap. Most of the world can't. The places I hung out I might as well been in NYC or Miami. The club scene and all the rest of 24/7 commerce was not quite what I was expecting.
  7. It's a Red plot. Check out Dr. Strangelove to get up to speed.
  8. I don't think I have ever read anyone talk about it on HAIF but I really got my push into motorcycling from a minibike track that was very close to a major mall if not on the outerskirts of the mall property. I can't remember the exact area. I think for about a buck you could rent a minibike and follow a long serpentine path around the park. I think I must have been their best customer. This was around 1967-68ish. I got pumped as a kid on a bright red Honda 305 in 63 and that ride never left my memory. Since then I have gone through a ton of bikes. The ol 74 RD350 tweaked, ported and piped to the max was one of my all time favorites. They just don't make them like that anymore. 53 horsepower and a hair over 300 pounds. That thing was like a bat out of hell. I used to put 750s to shame. When we came to the curves it was hasta la vista baby!! No matter what they were riding.
  9. Aw..don't be so stingy with the photos
  10. Those that stand head and shoulders above the rest get hit with the most eggs. No worries, 95% of them were more than likely from one person.

  11. Let's go back in time to when life in Houston was simpler. Ready? http://cruzintheavenue.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm Did that video bring a lump to your throat? Try this one on for size. "When Life In Houston Was In Black and White" http://oldfortyfives.com/WhenLifewasInBlack&White.htm
  12. If you mean inside Meyer Brothers and if memory serves correct there were escalators to the second floor. There was a fairly compact Boy Scouts area upstairs that we visited often. If you mean outside then I'm not sure. There was the second story for loading and unloading so perhaps yes somewhere. More than likely though the loading area would be using elevators.
  13. "There’s some folks who have begun calling Democrat Town Hall meetings “greenhouses.” Because there”s so many plants in them." Love it!
  14. I moved into Willowbend in June 1965. I lived directly across from Johnston Junior High. I had forgotten about the Benellis at Westbury Yamaha. I was more into mini enduros and rupps. From 1969 From mid 60s What trip to Westbury Square was complete unless you stopped here on the way home.
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