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  1. This. is. insane! Is Minute Maid Park okay?
  2. Thought I'd bump up this topic with project website: http://www.hardyconnector.org/ By the way can anyone tell me which HB&T rail line was relocated? I'd like to see the before and after map.
  3. Bumping this topic up since we've had more Starbuck's locations, and I'm looking for a good place to study for like 5-hour stretches, 3 times/week.
  4. It is Abercrombie building. back in the days when I work in TCH I always turn to tour guide when giving directions to clueless visitors. "Right here you're in TCH, one step further you're in St Luke's", I'd say.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I forgot that 'little' detail about the initial phase.
  6. I don't work in the oil industry but I'm interested in the dynamics nonetheless. Here's my question: how can we have a boom when the price is high and not have a bust when the price is low, as some of these articles are suggesting?
  7. We moved last August and used that opportunity to cut DirecTV. We don't watch it much anyway. We now watch Netflix, NBC shows online and YouTube and play more board games etc. We couldn't be happier. If I can get a box that can record from broadcast channels like cable companies DVRs do, I'd be set for life.
  8. Great ideas here! 1. Tunnell 45 from Pierce lelvated to I-10 interchange. 2. Fix the bottleneck at 610 southbound to 59 interchange 3. Plant trees along Braes bayou.
  9. Medical. I wanted to be specific but what's the point? We're drowned by architects and engineers already.
  10. Back on topic, I'm excited about this extension and the development that I hope comes with it. And personally, it gives my brother-in-law more flexibility in picking his classes at HCC without me having to drive him around.
  11. Memorial Hermann is planning for a 12-story trauma center in that space between the ER and TMC garage 4 on Cambridge opposite the zoo. They also plan to tear down Robertson Pavilion and build it into something bigger and modern. This is from grapevine. I'll find out more.
  12. Sad. I was waiting for this to open so my wife can stop driving to work. Why can't the city arrange for something like Woodlands Express buses? Or is that what they mean by making park & ride a reality without Metro?
  13. There are still black communities - Third ward, Sunnyside, South Side Chicago. Please can you speak to the quality of education that black kids received before desegregation? And I posit that the frightening but true statistics of black population have little to do with desegregation.
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