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  1. Are there any updated photos of the house since the renovation/preservation??
  2. Hello everyone. Just wanted to share news and information about my new development. i'm calling it the Lampton House. it is a mid-century inspired modern home that has finally begun framing. it is starting to take shape quick. give me your thoughts, ideas good or bad. I would love to hear them...it will be helpful either way for the next development. blog located at http://lamptonhouse.blogspot.com/ Thanks, Wes
  3. What are people's experience using RAM Industries windows? Worth the extra costs? Any comprable windows that perform similarly with a similar commercial look? Anyone used Gerkin Rhino windows? Also, thoughts on sliding patio door recommendations? Fleetwood at the top, what comparable alternatives are out there? Thanks for any comments /help.
  4. I am currently getting to the construction phase of my home and we are looking for a builder who has built modern designed homes on a cost-plus basis. Can anyone recommend such a builder, and describe your experience. Also, what are the rates that you have been able to negotiate with the builders? Thanks...any help is appreciated...
  5. Was wondering if anyone can recommend a company that does expansive commercial type windows for residential use. If you have any experience on cost estimates for your projects please share them as well.
  6. If I were to design a modern/contemporary home (with clean lines, metal/wood beams, expansive glass...), would it matter whether the builder I choose has had experience building modern homes? If so, any recommendation on local builders that have this experience would be appreciated? Thanks!!
  7. I wanted to see if anyone on this forum has personally worked with Su Nguyen and MDGI/StudioMet for a residential Design and Build. I would like to know about your experiences, both pros and cons, and your overall satisfaction, etc. Also, if you have any recommendation for other architects with a leaning toward modern/contemporary please share. We are contemplating building a home on a fairly modest budget (for a custom home). Thanks.
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