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  1. I'm not sure about their homes, but their real-estate agent representing the property in Montrose- Todd Partridge is a capital pain in the ***. I called to inquire about their property, to which he told me to get a real estate agent, and have the agent ask him for information. When I got a real estate agent, and she inquired about the property- he told her he would answer her questions later and brushed her off. So we are both turned off by him and completely took that condo off my list. I wish there was a way to go through the builders themselves to get information
  2. I haven't stopped by, but I know 4 of my classmates have leased there... they're paying about $1187 for 700 sq.foot apartment with no doors. It seems kinda pricy to me as well, I have leased at Alexan Cityside in the Medical center for about $829 for 700 sq. foot. They do have so 800-900 sq. foot for under $1000 I would check. It's 5 minutes from the Med. Center so it works out well for me. They're also pretty nice apartments for the price... www.avanticityside.com
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