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  1. Looks like progress has begun for the long awaited interchange improvements. Does anyone have a schedule of dates for the project?
  2. With this statement, your objectivity and credibility are now in the crapper. I'm left to assume we should all think like you or risk being both ignorrant and wrong. Let's just agree we won't exchange Merry Christmas cards......opps, excuse me, you'd likely prefer Seasons Greetings based on your commentary above.
  3. You favor the idea that everyone simply should accept the apartments. That's clear. And your arguement is based on the need for the low income worker being able to provide the services for low wages attached to certain jobs without any racial profiling or acceptance of these individuals unfortunate current state of living. Why is it we can't rely on our high school and college children of the community, or even our own poor within the community who need jobs to fill the positions? Why is it we all need to feel political correct? Why can't one simply express the opposing view without being lynched by the so called open-minded? The fact that I oppose low income apartments in the community makes me a terriblely closed minded person? As many others know, and some have stated, opening these apartments does nothing to solve the issues with the already over-abundant number of poorly managed, low income apartments available throughout metro Houston. All we are doing is spreading the problem into another community where the problem is minimal today. Everyone feel better now?
  4. Frankly I could care less what half of you "well-wishers" or "believers in the system" think of my position. I bought in the Katy area because of the higher income demographics. This usually results in higher property values, better school systems and less crime. So crucify me for wanting to live in "better" area of town. I guess we burn down River Oaks and the hate-mongers who live there? I like the idea that my wife can go shopping without the threat of being mugged. I like the idea that I can walk/jog my community streets in the night time and feel safe. I like that if a person is breaking into a home, chances are they will be shot. I don't like criminals, robbers, thugs or want-to-be gang members. I believe in the American way and the idea that a community can be better than one down the road with positive contributions by it's residents. So I don't like the idea that a slew of low income apartments are going to be constructed immediately next to the mall that our children frequent. I don't like the idea that property values in the immediate area will suffer. I don't like that I will see taxes increase to staff more police officers to increase patrol in the community. And I don't like seeing the young gangsters butts while their pants are falling off of them. And I am not blind to the notion that we have an illegal immigration population explosion in the area and it's getting worse. I would much prefer the apartments were higher-end structures that would be in keeping with the surrounding communities. But most of all, I don't care what some of you people think of my opinion......because afterall, it's mine to do what I want with. And finally, for those of you showing such compassion for the "poor minorites" as you've referred to them (not my word), perhaps they should move in next door to you? I'm certain you could care less about your property values or personal welfare. I feel better now......
  5. Scott Scholz is the right person to call. I called Scott last friday and he said my call was the first he'd heard of the problem. He said they would drive by and address the issue this week. Very nice guy, but I suggest others call him as well. It only took several minutes.
  6. I am of the impression 1/2 of the homemade signs in all of Fort Bend County are located on the corner of I-10 and the Grand Parkway. It has quickly become quite the eyesore. The classics include advertising poop removal on full sheets of plywood. I believe we need stricter code enforcement and soon.
  7. I was in Richmond 2 weeks ago registering a car and was told by this time next year I could accomplish this task in Katy near the Westpark & Grand Parkway. New county offices are being constructed on the Northeast side of the interchange. The road beds are already in.
  8. lifeinthewoodlands, You should move to he Greenspoint near the mall.....very pretty I hear.
  9. I am going to pay DirecTV right at $125/mo for their service. For that fee, I get 265 channels, including 130 in High Definition, plus Showtime, HBO, Starz and Cinimax which betweem them offer 31 channels of uninterrupted movies. I also get for the first year the NFL Sunday Package free, allowing me to view any game I want. After the first year, should I choose to keep it, that package would add $20/mo to my subscription. We have a complete home theater, plus several other HD TV's, and I think it is easily worth the price we pay. Seriously, isn't the price a very relative thing in life? Some drive a economy car and others a high performance sports car.....price and enjoyment is the difference.
  10. To answer Mr B .... Dish sends out the clowns who over the course of 1+ years of troubleshooting could not solve the problem. I was even told on one ocassion I must be imagining things as they never have problems. On another ocassion I was told by a Dish serviceman I should change to DirecTV. Anyway, I had the DirecTV system installed this week and everything is running smoothly so far. I trust it will continue that way. HD reception is perfect, including HD locals.
  11. I appreciate the opinions offered so far. I currently have Dish and I find their service is very poor on the local Houston channels during primetime viewing hours, i.e. 7-9pm. Plenty of pixilation and momentary picture freezes, momentary sound outages, sound does not follow lip movement, etc... occurs regularily on local NBC and Fox channels in particular. Any other recommendations for DirecTV? I am interested in hearing more. (Sorry, I mentioned Katy because I am interested as well in the service provider reputations in the local area)
  12. I am considering Direct TV. Any positive/negative opinions are welcomed. Does the High Definition reception work well? Does Direct TV suffer with poor reception during peak viewing hours, particularly on local Houston channels such as CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox local?Do they provide decent local service when called? Does anyone have an opinion regarding their NFL Sunday package?
  13. LookingToMove, I live in Katy above the Westpark Tollway. The Swinging Door is less than 10 minutes drive from my home using Hwy 723. I stated the place was in Richmond in my post, so what's your point? I live in Katy and asked Katy residents if they knew of the place.
  14. Anyone have any comments about this place? I have heard it's a place we need to try.
  15. So the losers are now at Katy Freeway and Grand Parkway.... I'll never understand why people give these idiots money. 95% of the street corner beggars are drug abusers/drunks. When you give them your money, it's just enabling them by giving them another shot of drugs or whiskey. All these jerks do is tie up traffic and risk being hurt walking in traffic. If people really want to help, give your money to a reputable charity or homeless center where the money is used correctly. Or if you want to give them something constructive, give them a razor for a clean shave and the classified help wanted section. They'll throw it back at you.
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