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  1. I wonder about ""doing its job"-- If you taking an "Ivy League" class, the criteria of expectation would be higher wouldn't it? Than a non Ivy League school? Would all professors expect "good work"---If you completed what was expected by your professor, to the expectations the professor stated that would be "good" work. As in any non Ivy League school----but by defination an Ivy League education isn't that is it? So doing all that is required in a fashion the professor expects should warrant perhaps "B or B+" but it seems to me that there would be students that would purposefully distinguish
  2. I am the grandparent of law school grad--------have watched as this youth embraced a wild and reckless lifestyle, paid for said lifestyle, wanted to "turn his life around" , did the 12 step programs, decided on lawschool, knew his family couldn't pay for law school so indebted himself, concentrated on criminal law--perhaps because of "embrace" of reckless lifestyle and how how that was met by law enforcement?--who knows-- still he completed law school and passed the bar ---------------------with out elusive recommendations that usually accompany that accomplishment. For what ever reason--pull
  3. Wondering how to navigate this economy straight out of law school, in top 55% of class, no experience, didn't make the law clerk "click", frightful amount of education loans to pay off begining 7 months from graduation maybe other grandparents wonder this too helpful discussion would be appreciated
  4. I believve EMCA Peggy Shrifft park was a SNAP project and the upcoming improvements to it are also SNAP projects
  5. Is there a charity that collects used Christmas Cards?
  6. When establishments are built on the Metro line--are they encouraged to build housing above?
  7. a little side step-after lights in the heights -i drove down grant and turned on pacific street and noticed all the HPD and news crews and barriers with lots of Parker signs in front of South Beach? because?
  8. I was wondering if anyone had used this HPD courtesy--did it work for you? did you're neighors get a benefit from the extra patrol?
  9. I would like to know the intentions of those lots and also am wondering about the house down the street next to Sacred Heart tatoo-- It's been recently painted but still has significant vine growth up throught the roof. I had been old by Neighborhood protection that it had been investigated and found "unsafe" and would be torn down-- still. . . . . a new coat of paint on the front porch?
  10. Doesn't one of the TV stations publish pictures and address of decorated homes?
  11. this would seem to be better worked through a neighborhood association or civic association--still there is a huge possibility that donating compost material would just be a precursor to being asked to donate time to help with composting
  12. Is HPD gathering their statics in a different manner than before?
  13. Avondale Civic Association boundaries----( On the East side) Bagby to (On southside) westheimer until Taft then south to Lovett to (westisde) Montrose to (Northside) Fairview street (south side id the street ntill Taft then both sides to Bagby---Avondale has two designated Historic districts within its' boundaries. 600 Avondale (across street from Cheek coffee founders) is on the proposed avondale Historic Home tour as Gov. Ross Sterlings Home.
  14. The graphic seems to indicate the Galleria is on the left of the proposed Uptown line.
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