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  1. Anybody remember Burgers by Gourmet? I remember it from when I was young. I think it was located somewhere around St. Thomas. I remember the inside had a counter and might have had some kind of newsprint wallpaper. The burgers were wrapped in brown or orange paper, I think. Just a random musing. Can anyone confirm its location or supply a photo?
  2. I remember a topless bar that was located on Shepherd at Kipling (I think) on the west side of the street. It had some pretty elaborate paintings of women on the outside. I can't remember the name, but it became a party supply store for many years until it was demolished withing the last five years or so. I was only a kid in the early 80s, but my carpool drove past it every day and my friends and I would kid our moms asking them to take us there. Anybody else remember this place?
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