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  1. Construction on the Rudy's BBQ has begun and is scheduled to open by Memorial Day. Anybody know of any other new reasturants opening in the Katy area?
  2. October 6, 2010 To: Nottingham Country Homeowners and Others From: NCCIA Homeowners Board Re: Public Notice – Public Housing Project at 21077 Kingsland It has come to our attention that sometime last week a “public notice” sign was erected on the above property. The sign was posted to comply with government regulations since this project will be comprised of 252 units of government subsidized HUD housing. The tract of land is approximately 9.6 acres and ingress and egress will be on the southwest side of Kingsland between the entrance to the patio homes and the large apartment complex at Provincial. The developer is the same one that did the patio homes across from the Paintball complex: Cornerbrook Development Co. 1025 Dulles Ave., Ste. 815 Stafford, Texas, 77477 Phone: 281-261-9009 The state agency involved is the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (phone #512-475-3340). Their website is tdhca.state.tx.us. This notice is primarily informational, but as neighboring residents I think we can all agree that the impact of such a project will create traffic problems, drainage concerns, and add to student population at both Taylor High School and NCE which are both within walking distance of the property. It could also have a detrimental effect on the home values throughout our area. Be on the lookout for notification of a public hearing or meeting which is mandatory for such a project. Nottingham Country Community Improvement Association Board
  3. I emailed Rudy's Bar-B-Q to find out the progress on the location on I-10 in West Houston and this is the answer I received: We continue to work on this project. The property we have been working on is tied up with several other businesses and hasn’t been as easy to close as we had hoped. We have seen movement with the agreement since the New Year and hope to get going. I wish I had better news but at least it hasn’t fallen through! We are looking forward to expanding in the market and hope to see at least 2 more stores in the market before the end of 2010. Keep and eye on the website and email me any time. Come see us!!
  4. Anybody know what this is gong to be? Was anyone brave enough to call the number?
  5. Looks like the building is coming along. Anyone know when they are suppose to open?
  6. Looks like the Sherriff is doing his job with the beggar at the Grand Parkway and I-10. Not sure how homeless she was because she kept signaling to someone in a car parked in the u-turn with one finger like she kept telling them she would be there in one minute. Must have been her ride back home.
  7. Canton Chef may have been around longer on Mason Road. It was there when the old Gerlands Food Fair was there in the 70's if I am not mistaken.
  8. This sign just recently went up on the north side of I-10 between Westgreen and Fry Road. It says "Once Upon a Time" "Coming Soon" 2012. It also has a figure of a shield and swords as well as dolphins. Several year ago there was a sign in the same area that said something about water park and entertainment center with restuarants and hotels. Not sure if the two are related or not. The sword make me think of something like Medieval Times or something and the dolphins could be a waterpark with dolphin shows or something. Does anybody have any idea what this is going to be?
  9. I thought Rudy's customer service was great! Now they have gotten even better in my book. Not only did I get the personal email reply to my comment I left on thier site but I also just received a hand written letter. I couldn't belive it, in this day and age someone took the time to reply to a comment and question that I left on their web site. That is amazing...but it does not stop there! With the hand written letter thanking me for my comments and answering my question on if they were going to put a Rudy's in Katy they included a customer comp gift card for $15. They have just earned a customer for life...although they already had one because I love their BBQ.
  10. Great news for Katy BBQ lovers. I filled out a comment card on the Rudy's Bar-B-Q web site told them that I thought their BBQ was the best and that we needed a Rudy's in Katy since we lacked a really good BBQ place. They said that they should have one on I-10 in the next year. Below is their respone which I was very shocked to get such a personal response from them...great customer service! "Thank you for taking the time to send your comments about Rudy
  11. Buffalo Wild Wings looks like it is about ready to open...the construction looks complete and they have had a now hiring sign up for a while. Does anyone have any idea of when it will open?
  12. Went to Johnny Rockets on Saturday and had lunch. We had not been there in a while and could tell that they were not doing very well. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and there was not much of a crowd and the service had really changed although the food was still ok. Hate to see anyplace place go under because I think of all the people that are hurt by the ripple effect. It hurts the owner, the landlord, all the employees, and the suppliers. As more and more resturants go under it has to hurt the Syscos, the Jakes Finer Foods, and the like.
  13. My wife said she saw a sign in front of the old Bennigan's at I10 and Fry for a 59 Diner. Has anyone else heard about this? It would be nice to have a small local chain in Katy verses one of the national chains.
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