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  1. Great memories. I used to drop by Westbury Yamaha on my lunch breaks from Belden's Food Giant. I was, and still am, a motorcycle nut. One day, while talking to the parts guy at Stubbs Cycles, he asked if I had a set of metric tools. When I responded "yes", he asked if I would like a job assembling new bikes. Would loved to have done it, but had no car at the time to drive to work. The '70s were a great time in motorcycle history.
  2. At the time I lived in the area, '60s and '70s, that area was grass. Imagine that!
  3. Used to stop by Westbury Yamaha during my lunch breaks at Belden's. Great place for a teenager to hang out. J. Rich Sports was great as well. My dad bought three bikes and several guns from them back in the early '70s.
  4. Mama Leoni's Flying Pizza....I think. It was in the shopping center just to the west of St. Agnes and Strake Jesuit schools. The cheese was so thick and hot that you had to let it cool before eating it. Great memory.
  5. I remember that one. Across the street from where Lewis & Coker had been. We lived only a few blocks away. I worked a Belden's during that era. Grocery stores were reliable employment for youngsters back then. I haven't spent much time in the area since the early '80s. Time for an exploratory visit.
  6. I'm trying without luck to remember that restaurant. I lived in Maplewood at the time, and do recall a pizza joint in that strip mall. Wish I could remember the name. They had one of the first video games back around 1974.....Pong!
  7. I suspect it may have been nostalgia. Those roads were being constructed when I was a kid, and that was pretty much the southwest edge of Houston. Perhaps the developer grew up about the same time and place. Pure speculation, however.
  8. There is a neighborhood in Denton with some curiously familiar street names from my youth: Dunlavy, Gessner, Fondren, Westheimer, San Felipe, Chimney Rock, Kirby, Bissonet, Hillcroft, and Weslayan. Ahhh, must be a coincidence.
  9. I'm trying to remember the location of an old Houston meat market. I believe the name was "Paul & Bill's", perhaps on the southeast side of town. I used to go there with my parents back in the '60s, and don't remember a lot of details.
  10. I remember when Der Wienerschnitzel opened. About 1970 I would guess. Seems like it was at Hillcroft and Bissonet. Not sure after all these years. I remember sitting with my dad at an outside table there for lunch.
  11. As a kid, I remember going to a meat market in Houston. I think the name was Paul & Bill's. Had one of those oyster shell parking lots. Sound familiar to anyone?
  12. My aunt and grandmother owned homes at the corner of Sul Ross and Greenbriar. When visiting, I would walk over to Cactus Tapes & Records on S. Shepherd. I believe it had been an A&P grocery at one time. Neat place with an incredible selection. Remember how good a record store used to smell? Perhaps that was just ventilation from the head shop! Demeris Barbecue and a Coney Island hot dog establishment were also across the street. 1970s were a fun time.
  13. I remember when the New York Bagel Shop opened. I'm pretty sure I was in high school at the time. None of us had ever had a bagel, so my dad took us there one morning to try it out. We were hooked! Anyone remember Zinnante's Delicatessen in the same area?
  14. No, but I did work at Belden's Food Giant at Post Oak and West Bellfort while I was in high school, and during Christmas vacations while I was in college - 1974 until about 1980 probably.
  15. There was a Lewis & Coker at the southeast corner of Hillcroft and S. Braeswood when I lived in that area from the mid-'60s until the '80s. My mother shopped there, claiming it was cleaner than other stores. In the same shopping center were an auto parts store (formerly a drug store), The Taxco Inn mexican restaurant, and a Schwinn bicycle shop owned by a rather stern man. It certainly was a nice area to live in back then.
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