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  1. It's so great to see an old 100 year + building come alive like this! All the hotel brands are making a big difference downtown.
  2. It's a good start for this area. I'm hoping that Metro will work with a developer to turn Wheeler station into some sort of retail/residential-centric transit center. Then we'll at least have one decent metro rail station.
  3. It's certainly not due to championships. 108 years and counting.
  4. One step closer to my dream of having no parking lots along Main from Buffalo Bayou to 45.
  5. I was wondering if there were any special plans for the divider bordered by Crawford, Mckinney and Walker other than just landscaping? It's not a big patch of land, but it would be a good location for some sort installation.
  6. The link below shows a good view from the Bayou. I'd be curious to know how these buildings fit into the final plan. https://500px.com/photo/40799664/bayou-bridge-by-h-darragh
  7. To Houston19514's point, there is a new processing facility being built on the other side of the bayou, so I would imagine they would demolish it.
  8. The problem with this building is that it impedes any further extension of the Buffalo Bayou hike and bike trail because it literally is built right up to the Bayou. I'm curious to see whether BBP can work around it or has to demolish it (not their style). I thought it would be cool if they could find a way to run the trail through the building somehow.
  9. Looks like the grass has recovered quite a bit. Also notice the fountain base has been installed in front of the GRB.
  10. http://grist.org/cities/cities-finally-realize-they-dont-need-to-require-so-much-damn-parking/
  11. Yeah, I guess it would have to be developed as a highly programmed park to be successful, similar to the Under Gardiner project in Toronto sited in the article. To your point, removing the Pierce would only free up half blocks, which I imagine is less than ideal from a development standpoint. Maybe you split the difference and keep it up until Main Street from the west, then it frees up after that.
  12. Up until now, I didn't like the notion of converting the Pierce elevated into a Highline type park. I thought it was too derivative and would also serve as a continuity barrier between downtown and midtown. This article is making me rethink that notion. Ripping out the Pierce would make the Sabine Promenade less unique. And the Sabine Promenade also defies the notion that land under a freeway is useless.
  13. "Olson, for example, has snapped up an abandoned 1920s sewage treatment plant on a piece of property along Buffalo Bayou’s far east end. We drive over to the less affluent side of town, park in a vacant lot, squeeze through a hole in a chain link fence, and gaze down at the facility’s rusted array of plumbing. Bravely—and somewhat perversely—she thinks the plant’s large, round settling basin (designed to allow solid human waste to sink to the bottom), unused since the 1970s, could be incorporated into a facility for a community group that wants to build a swimming hole along the Bayou." Map
  14. The good news is there are several other lots around this that could be sites for future development, in which case parking is already in place. There is the adjacent lot as well as the two lots with the drive through banking centers that are underutilized.
  15. Good post. Not to be picky, but are they parking their cars in garages or taking the bus?
  16. Apologies if I missed this somewhere earlier in the thread, but in lieu of future rail, could they install overhead wires and turn this into an electric bus lane? It would be far less intensive than building rail.
  17. The proposal for widening I-45, one of Houston's core freeways, comes at a time when city officials - notably Mayor Sylvester Turner - are arguing for more public transit and fewer freeway lanes. "It just seems like we are headed down the same road," District I Councilman Robert Gallegos said. Gallegos and others urged TxDOT to consider how the managed lanes planned along the freeway could one day be converted to some form of mass transit, particularly rail.
  18. I like how the reflection makes it look like it's two stories
  19. Suddenly it's seems like there are no bad angles to take a shot of downtown.
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