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  1. According to the original details on their Website the building was supposed to feature “Seven gardens and six reflecting pools inset along the building’s perimeter” I didn’t see anything like that in the final product, I’m guessing they scaled down their original version?
  2. The good news is we'll have new sections or developments opening up every year or two as they roll the plan out. It will be an ever evolving project.
  3. Is there an alternative to glass curtain wall, or a different way it could be applied to improve the overall effect? I just feel like all new buildings are built this way now. You don’t see a lot of stone facades going up anymore.
  4. I like it better when they break the development up with a few little side streets as opposed to building it like some insular fortification.
  5. Would have been cool if they had worked a spire into the deign.
  6. yeah, Gehry is on the other extreme for me. I never could figure out how the interior of his buildings are even usable. In this case, just a little bit of slice would have been nice 😊. But I’m still waiting for the end product and hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I’m hoping the gardens and reflecting pools offset the imposing facade a bit and create a pleasant pedestrian experience.
  7. I believe the cap park is still on the boards, it’s just a bit South of this rendering
  8. agreed, the building will appear very blocky and imposing from street level. Wish they could have brought some of those sweeping design elements down into the facade a bit.
  9. According to the new East Sector Plan, there will be a promenade on the North Canal similar in appearance to what was depicted for the Commerce street promenade in the original Master plan. Interestingly the North Canal would give the warehouse district a riverfront.
  10. From BBP Website: “The trail will begin at Allen’s Landing Park and continue east under the Fannin Street Bridge, transverse up the slope along Commerce Street before passing under the San Jacinto Bridge to the Wilson Building on Commerce Street. The trail will continue through the second basement level of the Wilson Building and under the Harris County Sheriff’s Inmate Processing Center.“ https://buffalobayou.org/construction-begins-on-key-buffalo-bayou-trail-connection/
  11. I wonder if BBP managed to acquire the old Gable Street Power plant property from Centerpoint? Would be great to turn that into a recreational area.
  12. Why can’t both be important? Glibly writing off people that care about how our skyline looks as suburbanites going to an Astros game runs contrary to the many skyline pictures I see on this forum every day.
  13. This building is staying fairly close to the renderings from what I can see. I like how the angled line of the tower extends itself into the base as a demarcation between the stone and glass. The one part I cannot get a feel for is the side facing the Calpine building. It’s vague from the renderings but appears to be recessed grating with some sort of stone outcropping as an accent. It’s very had to make parking garage bases look nice and it looks like they gave a strong effort here. The alternative would have been to bury the garage, but then I feel like they would have needed to cu
  14. Oh well, I had always hoped this building could somehow be incorporated into BBP’s design, but I understand that downtown is probably better off without it from a flood control perspective. Also, the south side bayou trail can now continue East, although the next barrier is right across San Jacinto at the Harris County inmate processing center. I was hoping.that would meet the same fate as 1119. All that land plus the adjacent parking lot would open up a nice bit of green space along the bayou.
  15. Metro hints at a future light rail extension along 90a, but the only substantive thing I can find on the MetroNext plan is two way HOV. Missouri City is part of Metro’s service area and voted in the bond referendum, but light rail is unlikely unless Sugarland and other Fort Bend towns are willing to chip in. This feels like a big miss to me, but I’m not sure what the projected ridership for such a line would be even with full participation from Fort Bend county. I’m also curious If Metro could purchase their own ROW inside the existing Union Pacific ROW when the time came.
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