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  1. I wish someone would lease out their old space on Main Street, it’s a nice location and it’s sad to see it all boarded up.
  2. Wow, so much stuff gone now. The foreground across the Bayou appears to be what is now the Wortham Center and Sesquicentennial Park. That would be Preston street bridge. Possibly taken from the roof of the Tennison Hotel? The Bayou was seriously concreted back then. Guess they got tired of all the flooding.
  3. Noticed the CVS sign is up. Not sure how long it's been up.
  4. Good call, I never thought of it being a no longer existent building.
  5. Trying to find a good thread for this image. In this picture you can see Annunciation Church, Union Station and I think the Anderson Clayton building. Not sure what neighborhood that is in the foreground. I'm guessing Quality Hill.
  6. It's the Ballet center made transparent.
  7. That appears to be the third option. But what's the purpose of the structure at 610 and Hempstead?
  8. The Rockies have a team HOF and need a new building for it? They've only been around for 15 years.
  9. It wouldn't have to be relocated to dig the North Channel specifically, but what's the point of doing all this development right next to the Harris County Jail?
  10. Is this the 'Alcatraz' project? They would have to relocate the Harris County lockup facility, which I think is the bigger project compared to digging a new connector canal.
  11. Why so vague on the location? I thought it was going to be built at the Northwest Mall site.
  12. One approach to cheaper housing downtown would be to cut back on amenities like pools, gyms, dedicated parking garages, etc. If someone is looking to live downtown cheaply, they would probably be willing to forgo some of these. Downtown is a central transit hub between rail and bus, so I can't imagine a car is a necessity.
  13. Looks like the cheapest floor plan at the Hamilton is $1455 for 760 sq feet.
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