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  1. From what I’ve seen online, this looks like more like a facelift rather than a complete redevelopment.
  2. They redirected Buffalo Bayou to go around the Police Officers Memorial, so a project like this isn’t unprecedented, although in this case they’ll have to go though devolved land and city infrastructure to make it happen.
  3. I give them credit for doing something with the least favorable lot in all of downtown
  4. Wow, they really went all out on that sign.
  5. It’s still a pretty small sample size. If they keep winning they will move up the rankings. They lost Springer this year and Verlander is just coming back from Tommy John, so I can see why there might be some skepticism about the Astros, but this current roster seems quite capable.
  6. Whatever the plans are they are moving full steam ahead
  7. I just realized that this will become Houston’s premiere snow sledding slope 😊
  8. Tunnel starting to take shape
  9. According to the original details on their Website the building was supposed to feature “Seven gardens and six reflecting pools inset along the building’s perimeter” I didn’t see anything like that in the final product, I’m guessing they scaled down their original version?
  10. The good news is we'll have new sections or developments opening up every year or two as they roll the plan out. It will be an ever evolving project.
  11. Is there an alternative to glass curtain wall, or a different way it could be applied to improve the overall effect? I just feel like all new buildings are built this way now. You don’t see a lot of stone facades going up anymore.
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