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  1. You mean Sunday August 29, 2004. I remember thinking I was banned., because I couldn't get into the site for about two or three days. I hope a crash does not happen again, because this site has grown more complex, more members, and more topics with a lot of information, since the August 2004 crash.
  2. We are looking at Dubai for a nice international trip. We haven't been in that part of the world before, and thought that it would have been nice. They have many nice things going on their, that I personally wanted to see for myself. I know America has a lot to offer, I have traveled all across this country. This time, we just wanted a little more exotic trip, outside America. I actually haven't thought of Alaska.
  3. I actually liked the design Donal Trump had. It had the orginal tower design. The orginal tower sites were right next to the new buildings.
  4. We actually never got a chance to go. It was real expensive, and we did not have the finances for it. We are going to try again for a Spring or Summer 2007 trip. We are saving up for it now.
  5. Some construction photos: Site Overview: When Completed: ---------------- The Katy Area is starting to look a little odd with these small high-rises popping up. I guess you have to start some where.
  6. And I am sure that people just hop on over to it, too. Barriers help with that. Although, I think they should be a little wider, in case of a stall. By the way, great post Maceo.
  7. Well, look at it this way, every draft choice the Texans have made has been a good one. Atleast in the first round. So maybe Super Mario will be good. Lets wait and see.
  8. Does anyone recall a race track in Pasadena, TX near the intersection of Southmore Avenue and Tata Street (now Pasadena Boulevard) I'm trying to find some pictures of the track. Were there any promotional flyers handed out? I believe people are mistaking the oval track for being a race track? From the looks of things, this was the Pasadena Independent School District Stadium. Made for track & field/running events. Not racing! Please let me know more information about this race track. Thanks!
  9. I never actually thought of that. A stadium could easily fit in that site, with a rail station next to it, should be easy to get there if you do not park in the Reliant Stadium parking lot. Also, the walkway could be covered. There might even be some room left over for some urban shops along Fannin.
  10. Yeah, but 10 ends up to being a 8 lane freeway, for a short while. Then it becomes an extra large Highway 6 to about Malibu.
  11. Yeah, look at L.A. for a little bit. People over there got tired of communting to Downtown LA, and new "mini" downtowns sprouted up. Those are on the likes of Wilshire Center, Irvine, and Ontario. But, what Los Angeles has that Houston doesn't is commuter rail. A very extensive one. From Lancaster to Oceanside (154 miles); Los Angeles to San Bernardino (60 miles); and soon a Los Angeles to Santa Monica line (16 miles). This is something Houston NEEDS to take into consideration, vast commuter lines.
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