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  1. Has anyone heard plans for a Costco on our end of the world out here in Katy?
  2. Does anyone know what is going in the new commercial construction in the big cattle pasture on South side of I10 between Katy Fort Bend and Grand Pkwy? It's the acreage where the Longhorn graze.
  3. Coming soon to the former Angel and the Ox Pub location: The Public House. Check out the website. Managers have great background and sound experience. http://www.thepublichousekaty.com/ Quoting: Ciaran and Chris share the philosophy that any good Irish pub should be a "local.” Good food, good drinks, good service, in a friendly environment where "regulars" and newcomers all feel welcome. They adhere to that old Irish saw, "A stranger is simply a friend you haven't met yet." Meanwhile.... new managers at the Mercury Bar across the street have straightened things up a bit there, moving the band to allow for conversations. The Merc is holding it's own quite well!
  4. Mr. B and Standeck... welcome to my bandwagon. Our fickle suburban consumers in Katy are pitifully disloyal and drawn like lemmings to franchise packaging. It sickens me. We were across the street at the Mercury Bar when the (former) employees from Ox & Angel came over Sunday night (June 7) to toast the demise of their paycheck. At least one that I know of was promptly offered a job at the Merc. My opinion is that Ox & Angel's failure was threefold: the economy, the location, and industry inexperience. Economically, Jan 09 was bad timing to start any venture whatsoever. Location? Villagio has an unhealthy attrition rate. I'm not privy to difficulties with Cinco's HOA, but it wouldn't surprise me. Here again... how is it that LaCenterra has branded themselves to the public favor, but Villagio struggles? But I feel the precipitating factor in a businesses success is experience. Ox & Angel had a cute premise, the owners had a concept and enthusiasm. But turning a profit takes finely honed food and beverage management experience. Every decision has to be made on how it can support the bottom line; got to know when to trim staff, when you can afford bands (if you recall, when they opened their plan was for charging admission for the bands), how to pull crowds. Televising Rugby games is a niche business, although you'd think they'd be great profit for a bar. The Mercury Bar sounds like it'll make it. They have a great drink menu, a second level sommier, and good location on the plaza. They bill themselves as a "jazz bar" but the bands are not true jazz.... they just aren't Rock or Country. They seem to be drawing a nice mix of young and old, and have a decent menu. Try it!
  5. There's a new place opening at Villagio Center: The Mercury Room. A Martini bar that will have live Jazz Thursday through Sundays. In regards to the topic of places going out of business. It amazes me how many folks with NO EXPERIENCE in the food service industry are opening up establishments. I find it hard to believe that banks would loan to these folks, but then again, the banks aren't always known for making sage decisions. My daughter is in the industry, and when she is interviewing for a position in a new establishment, the first question she asks of future employer/owner is what experience HE has.
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