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  1. Hello to all of you. Thank You for your suggestions and teasing. Let me say we had the best time in and around downtown this weekend. My husband told me that it's not always that way,but that maybe the new park will start something. What an amazing and alive city! Back to the Houston house hunting. We visited Lamar HS and Memorial HS on Friday with the twins. I was impressed by both schools. And yes, we do want to do public, not feel like we have to go private because of poor neighborhood schools. The twins have three years left before they go to college, so this home and move is for us and our future. Frankly, if we buy in a nice neighborhood, the school should go along with it, allowing us not to dip into their college fund. Two neighborhoods caught our eye. Both different but both charming for various different reasons. We have concerns about location one, and maybe posters can help. 1. South Hampton and Avalon Place. Loved, loved, loved the neat 1930's style homes. The small lots didn't bother me but...Hypothetically, if we buy the cute and charming old house, the likelihood that a stucco monstrosity will be built next to us seems pretty high. The lot will feel smaller, and the older home will look wrong and crushed in. I'm really surprised by the teardowns of such great, normal sized houses. Do those areas not have historical guidelines? Are all the houses in such bad shape they need to be torn down? The architectural future of these neighborhoods concern us more so than the present, which is wonderful but seems to be fading. The location is incredible. Wow. My husband could stay in the downtown location and everything is right there. We had lunch one day at a place called The Raven, and they had a crazy pet chicken that walked all around the parking lot. But the overbuilding of box style houses, that look like a cheap, Italian porn film, might kill the charm of the neighborhood.This left us wondering if this would still be the neighborhood for us 10 years from now. What do you all think will be the end result of all the new construction? Loosing the architecture seems like it would detract from the charm. 2. Memorial at Kirkwood. I know this sounds crazy because it's not anywhere near the first location, but there're reasons I really liked it. The schools are strong and apparently are a safe. The lots in the neighborhood we looked at are huge. People seem to be extensively remodeling there, not tearing down. It reminded me a little of Atlanta. Not as great architecture, but the big trees and they way the older homes were maintained rang a bell. My husband would have to work out of the Energy Corridor location, but it's mere minutes away, just like Avalon and River Oaks are to downtown. If we want to get to the museum area or downtown, it seems 15-20 down the West tollway would get us there. It's nothing like Buckhead, and not nearly as fun and congested as location one, but it seems everything is right there. And the lots are big enough, if the teardown trend began, we wouldn't be stacked up on top of each other. Does anyone have any outlook on this area? My husband's co-worker says it has always been a good area and it's going through big changes lately. We saw tons of crane towers everywhere we looked, and I have read about the construction going on on this board. Yet we wonder if it might be too sleepy once the kids move out. Loved Tanglewood and honestly if we had the funds to purchase in there we would tomorrow. Loved the Memorial Villages, but if they weren't corning a major road,1- they too have a big price tag. And really the homes and lot sizes on location 2 were almost identical, but drastically different prices for neighborhoods 1-2 miles apart. Flipper, thank you for telling us about your house. We drove buy and it looks like you have done a great job. I liked the area over there, but I think we are looking for a little different type location. Any help from posters with inside information on the two areas battling it out would help greatly. They're drastically different, I know. I'm only picking on the downsides of these locations because this choice is important and because honestly they both have a lot of possitives.I know residents and locals will have better opinions than realtors. I'm going to start looking at homes in both locations this Friday. PS- It is such a relief to drive through a city and each neighborhood looks different. Sameness is something we're excited to leave. I think I'm finally starting to like Houston.
  2. I like West U and Rice, but the homes are built on top of each other and are mostly around 1 million anyway. I don't think we could live all crushed in like that. But being within driving distance of such areas is wonderful. Also, I don't think we can afford the property taxes and private schooling, as I've said before. From what I've read, most go the private school route for Junior and High School in those areas. I inherited a house, in the Peachtree Battle area from my parents, and we are desperately trying not to sell it, because I don't think we could afford a home like that when it comes to retire. And we hope to return to Atlanta some day. So we have budget we really need keep. 850 is the tops. I've heard a lot about Memorial. But how close is it too all the fun, restaurants and neat little shops? We don't have to be right in cosmopolitan area, but a short drive would be a relief.The properties look very nice on the internet and I understand the school district is really good. We've been disappointed with the schools in Texas so far. We're going to do a lot of driving this weekend and even stay in a hotel downtown. I think it'll be fun, and hopefully we'll find our niche! We know we can't find Buckhead here, but I think we can come close. Thanks everyone for your help!
  3. Please help us in our search for a neighborhood that would be similar to Buckhead within 15 miles of Downtown. We moved from Atlanta last year and the relocation realtor stuck us up in The Woodlands. We know now that this will probably be a permanent home, so we want to find a area of town that fits our personality. The Woodlands is nice and clean, but that's all I can say about it. Our house has been on the market for a while, so I need to start looking. I adore the areas around North and South BLVD, but I don't think we could afford the taxes on a house in there and private schooling. It has so much flare, like Buckhead. We are looking for a nice, safe area that the public schools that are excellent all the way through High School. Socially safe as well. A nice sized yard with big oak trees and a house with at least 4 bedrooms. Old houses don't bother me, I'm from Atlanta! Budgeting around 650 for an older home and as high as 850 for one that has been remodeled. Also, my husband can chose to work in The Energy Corridor if he wants. I don't know what neighborhoods that would open up. He's not much into commuting, so he doesn't want to find himself in his current situation again. Any suggestions? Please, nothing master planned! I'm asking here before I go looking with a realtor.
  4. Oh wow, I just found this posting today while searching the internet. We were relocated to The Woodlands when DH took a job Downtown. The "corporate realtor" just couldn't suggest any place nicer for us to live. We ended up buying here, but after a year we put our house on the market. It's been three months and I really want to be able to get into a home in Houston before the summer is over. It looks like from the responses that the houses do sell, it just takes time. This place isn't for us, at all. Being from Atlanta, we're just used to more than a resort style Market Street and different population personality. Please help me out in a post I will be posting in the real estate section. I don't want to go off topic here. We're looking for an area in Houston similar to Buckhead.
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