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    thanks all - and it is the OG royal oaks linked above - not the mcmansion cc off of westheimer. There are some interesting mods in the area and it is still rather inexpensive. I need to get better pictures of the details such as the opening in the roof off of the carport that was originally for a pine tree, and is now a koi pond, but we like it for the slot windows and the hanging celing. Lowbrow (on the board here) has been over before and digs it as well. We would love to have more period furnature, but that fund got killed with a new ac, roof, windows last year. maybe in 5-10 years..
  2. finnadat

    my mod

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/finnadat/sets...57603985453203/ "> it is located in royal oaks (spring branch), built in 1961 and we really like it. If anybody has any info, or it looks similar to's, that would be great. Basically I got a new lens and wanted to document our house and figured i would post it here as well.
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