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  1. Hi Troy- I live in Silverlake and I love it. I think both neighborhoods are great and both have pros and cons. I have to say that I think Shadowcreek Ranch is an absolutely beautiful neighborhood. Since it's larger and newer it has more amenities than Silverlake. Silverlake has excellent schools. The Pearland district is recognized but all the Alvin schools that Shadowcreek is zoned to are good schools. I'm not positive, but I think the tax rate may be higher in SCR. It's possible that the rate will be reduced as new development goes in. As you may know there is quite a bit of development b
  2. Wow. Though the mayor would hate for me to say this, CR 58 and 288 is essentially Pearland which means we'll have 3-4 major "town center" style developments within a 2 mile radius. This is crazy.
  3. TheSaint- Where is the one in Pearland going to be located?
  4. How do you feel about Sugar Land's First Colony/Sweetwater area? The streets are oak-lined. The area is nice. It's diverse. Plus, there are things to do for you and your kids. Since they widened 59 the drive isn't too bad during rush hour. It basically meets all of your criteria but I don't know if Kickerillo did anything in First Colony. There are many neighborhoods within First Colony so you'll need to look in the Sugar Land thread for a list of specific neighborhoods. You need the specific neighborhood names to do a HAR search.
  5. That's interesting. Why the backlash against Kohl's? Do they feel it's not high-end enough?
  6. I could have sworn that read somewhere that the city of Pearland put a moratorium on apartments. I'll have to check. I don't know. It's hard to say what will happen in terms of apartments. There are actually areas with apartments that don't turn into Sharpstown. The medical center for example many older apartments that cater to medical students and staff. It may not be everyone's taste but it's certainly not a ghetto. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pearland apartments got some of that same population. There are already many, many medical center people that live in Pearland. In other words,
  7. Hi Skintrade- I live in Silverlake. First of all Silverlake has never flooded. As far at the retention pond goes I'm not sure what type of care those need but I haven't seen or heard anything that caused pause for me. The parks and lakes in Silverlake all look fine to me but they are in the process of getting some updates. What I don't like is the golf course area but that's privately owned. They have done a better job of late at keeping up the facilities and have even added a small fitness club. BUt take a drive through the neighborhood and judge for yourself. It is well kept. There are some
  8. There is a movement in its very early stages to do something about the ordinances so that we can get get alcohol, at the very least wine, in Pearland. I don't know many details yet but as I find out I'll post.
  9. I'm trying to place which land you're talking about. There's not a whole lot of land between 518 and Southfork, particularly enough to build a hospital. Can you be more specific. Which side of the freeway? What is it next to (if anything)? Thanks
  10. Brownstones would be wonderful. Can't wait to hear what you find out.
  11. I think the lifestyle center at 518 and the beltway will have living space as well. I don't know if they will be lofts but go to CBLProperties.com and look up the Pearland Town Center that is slated for 2008. I think the renderings show some type of living space there. Things have been quiet on the Boulder Creek project. I hope it turns out well because that side of Pearland needs something but it's not getting nearly the press that these other projects are. I haven't heard about any committments from restauarants or retailers.
  12. I actually heard about the 24-hour Fitness last week from a staff member at their Meyerland location. I heard about the exact location from someone on my neighborhood message board.
  13. I heard today that Pearland would be getting both a 24-hour fitness and a LA Fitness. The 24-hour fitness is on 518 and Miller Ranch Rd. I've seen work in that location but I didn't realize that it was going to be a 24-hour fitness. If you don't know Miller Ranch Road is just pass the Silverlake Randalls off of 518. The LA Fitness is apparently going to be at the NW Corner of 518 and 288.
  14. Well, I'm pretty sure it will happen unless something weird happens. I live in Silverlake and we have a pretty active message board. A Pearland City Councilman who is a member posted a message late last year that an HEB was was being built adjacent to Shadow Creek but he didn't say when.
  15. Hi Lacy- Yes there will be an HEB adjacent to Shadow Creek Ranch. I don't know when it's coming though.
  16. Someone I know recently bought in Avalon Terrace and she has been happy. I like the house and the neighborhood. From what I hear they are selling very well.
  17. Acccording to the Houston Business Journal, Pearland has suspended support for the Macy's/Dillard's lifestyle center so whether it actually happens remains to be seen.
  18. Actually I mis-typed, I meant that I am very interested in work beginning on 518. I wasn't specifically speaking about the work that they are doing to make way for the Town Center just that when that begins, I assume the other 518 work will begin as well. This may have changed, but from what I understand TXDOT has plans to not only widen the two-lane portions of 518 but also add curbs, raised landscaped medians and turning lanes in an effort to help traffic flow. I've heard that it will be late 2006 before anything kicks off though.
  19. I'm in Silverlake so I am very interested in the widening of 518. I heard from one of the councilmembers that the widening will start "sometime this year" but TXDOT is in control of that so it could change.
  20. Just an update on some development in the booming land of pears. At the corner of CR 59 and 288 (adjacent to Joes and Movie Theater) there are plans for a Pappasito's, Pappadeaux's, Academy and a Conns. At 288 and 518, as many Pearlanders already know, there will be the Pearland Town Center which is supposed to house a Macy's and a Dillard's. I recently found out that there will also be a Barnes and Noble (finally). Somewhere near that, not exactly sure where, there is also supposed to be a HEB. I don't know what kind of HEB. That's all I can think of so far. Anyone else know of other update
  21. Well I heard that the Pappas family/company is in negotiations to buy some land in the area. I have no idea if it's true and no idea what restaurant the land would be for.
  22. Thanks for the information Houston Semi-Pro. I am just happy to have a little diversity in the restaurant selection in Pearland.
  23. Houston SemiPro - Where are these restaurants opening?
  24. Did you check out New Territory? It is across the highway from Greatwood, but it is Fort Bend ISD. They also have have some beautiful homes that are newer than what you might find in First Colony.
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