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  1. Wow. I had no idea there was any other Valians location beyond the one on Main.
  2. Spindletap Brewery. Just had their grand opening.
  3. I have seen that '44ish pic before on posts/threads out here in the past. I believe that was truly a popular race track back in the day around where Pershing Middle school is now.
  4. I-10 @ Federal..... Looking West?
  5. I'm a native Houstonian. This city sucks. Too many books on this dump already. Bad idea. Funny thought, but....naaaaaa.
  6. Houston? Barf. First of all, cities like Houston would never make money on it. Second, ugh... we are a nasty city (and not truly.. truly.. international). RIO!
  7. R & R.... on Alabama.... the Roxy now... in fact I think it's been the Roxy forever... God knows what kind of cannabalistic human underground dwellers hang out at that place now...... R & R....... the best night of all was Tuesday's... Ladies Night.... good lord... women drank free all night...... It was called Cowboy in the 70s/80s..... I remember when it was Confetti..... and Piranaha Room..... and probably 2-3 other names I can't remember because.. well... it was the 80s.... we partied.... when America was still American.... God Love the 80s in Houston.
  8. The Richmond strip became the Barrio Strip, combined with the "invention" of Downtown (not midtown), which now is off limits to caucasians. The early "movement" away from the Richmond Strip was towards the Shephard/Greenbriar area (Club 8.0s, etc). There were several places around that area for awhile.... then.... DOWNTOWN... wow that really lasted long. Last time I went downtown, to a company part about 4 years ago, I thought I was transported to Shanghai. Anyways.... now.... it's Midtown and Washington. It goes from The Place to Be, to The Hood and Barrio, back to The Place to Be. That is Houston. I thought Downtown is mostly restaurants and less clubs now.... are all the clubs for idiots still down lower Main St. area, etc.? No clue.. too old for that now. Before Kingfish Market, it was Tony Roma's. No better baby back ribs have ever seen the light of day in Texas, to this day. I perused that strip from the days of Club 6400 to Fizz to the Yucatan Liquor Stand to Cooters. Up until the "club scene" was ruined permanently with the stupidity of allowing 18 year olds into nightclubs with wristbands, which led to the obnoxious "after hour" bars that opened at 2:00 a.m. and were nothing but Xtasy Factories. I even remember when the law was changed for awhilie and clubs had to close at Midnight (yes, there was a time when 12:00 am was closing time, by law). The Richmond Strip way before Billy Blues, Polly Esther's, City Streets and all the other crap came along. Before Barry's Pizza moved from where Chipotle is now at Richmond/Sage to where it is now at Richmond/Fountainview. And I was there too after the Rockets' Championship. The Strip started decaying soon after that. We will only have memories of that area, no different than memories of all other places that go the way of society. Oh.. forgot.... let me add when the best "club" of all was in it's hey day - Rick's Cabaret, in the 80s. Damn.... how old we get. Only thing I wish is that we had cell phones with cameras. Hell, I wish we just had digital cameras back then. Think about it..... we have those memories.... but..... when alzheimer's and dementia set in..... other generations will at least have some pictures and video to "jog" a memory for 30 seconds or so..... my generation won't have crap. Long live... um... wait.. what was the topic?
  9. Like this is a surprise. It is so obvious today that those that are most anti-gay, are gay. Just google the politicians over the last decade. Hello Rick Santorum! Hello Rick Perry! Those 2 are definitely next to be self-outed like Mr. Berry. Funny... too funny.. the "gay face"... duh on Berry. Rick Perry? Gayest of all faces. Santorum? Gay Gay.
  10. Bought my first albums at Evolution... Kiss... Black Sabbath.. Rush... lol Cactus brings back many memories of waiting in line for a day or two for concert tickets.... when they were sold the old fasioned way.... you waited in line and bought them.... no rigged system.... no instant scalping or holding back....... for like $8-10 a show.
  11. TWELVE PREDICTIONS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD 1. We will find out that the Federal Reserve, in coordination with the White House, lent trillions of dollars to European governments beginning in the Fall of 2011. The amount of these international "bailouts" will exceed the combination of all previous U.S. bailouts since the financial crisis began in 2008. 2. Gold will hit $2400/oz. before the Presidential election in November 2012. 3. The DJIA will break its March 2009 lows, and will briefly go below 6,000. 4. Sears will declare bankruptcy. It will not be reorganized - it will cease to exist. Another large retailer (aka Target, Home Depot, etc.) will purchase the Appliance Division. I have no idea what will happen to my Sears Home Protection Plans for my current appliances. 5. As the economy nosedives in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, resulting in millions of layoffs, unemployment approaching 12%, a global banking system on the verge of collapse, chaos and riots in the streets, shouts of impeachment over the international bailouts and actions by the Federal Reserve, Obama wins re-election anyway. Why? – see 6. below. 6. Hillary Clinton replaces Joe Biden as the V.P. candidate on the Democratic ticket. The move flips a large Democratic deficit in the polls and tilts the election. Hillary is seen as the saviour of America after 12 catastrophic years of the 2 worst Presidents in U.S. History. Yes – people vote for the V.P. in the 2012 election. 7. Apple Computer’s stock hits $600 dollars before year end as it introduces a TV that revolutionizes the industry, leading to a 50% jump in profits from TV sales alone. Competitors like Sony, Samsung and others are left in the dust as every product they have becomes out of date. The TV’s are introduced in several size categories, but all have the exact same features, functions and service. A 46” Apple TV will essentially be a 46” iMac and more. No DVR needed as unlimited recordings are saved in the Cloud. Apple TV owners will no longer need to subscribe to cable TV service. The average household can afford the cost of a 46” Apple TV with 18 months of (no) cable. Voice recognition. Touch screens. Blu Ray built in. Rip your DVD to the Cloud. I could go on, but you get the picture. The products are so successful that 75% of all purchases are made online and shipped. And yes, Apple skyrockets while the DJIA falls 50% earlier in the year. Yes, everyone wants Apple in the DJIA now. Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and others are up in arms as the consumer now only needs internet service to get what the cable companies have spent billions of dollars on, and overcharged you on, for years. Or jack their prices down to stay in business. 8. The stock of Best Buy, essentially the last bricks and mortar electronic retailer in the Country outside of NYC, plummets below $5 during the 4th quarter, leading to a bankruptcy filing before year-end. See 7. above. 9. The Federal Reserve is abolished. 10. Hillary Clinton leads the charge for term limits for all members of Congress and the Senate. 11. Rick Perry is involved in a sex scandal involving young men. 12. Ryan Braun wins his case, and avoids a 50-day suspension, by proving he was taking testosterone for medical reasons alone. Yes, he proves he has "Low T" just like in the commercial. Public opinion is another matter.
  12. Stella Link and 610 where the discount tire is now there use to be a Jack N The Box Before Jack N Box there was a Bonanza Steak House. Got my first job there busting tables when I was about 16. The Bonanza building is still there I believe.... slightly north of 610 on Stella Link. I don't think it was in the exact same location as the JIB.
  13. It sucked to begin with. There are only TWO Landry's Restaurants that have edible food: Brenner's Steakhouse and Pesce. Fertitty has ruined all others.
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