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  1. Oh, I know Midtown very real well, my nephew lives there-he likes it very much Mid town is not for them, it just is what it is Some people prefer the color Red, some people prefer the color Blue............... All things happen for a reason: They located a great townhome in the Upper Kirby area that they drove by---it had an open house They figured they could not afford anything in this area---but were pleasantly surprised by the price, AND the listing agent "no BS".................... Smooth Transaction---very nice nabes All's well that ends well, and the high-rise complex was able to rent out their rental unit ASAP, so they did not have to pay out their lease to get out of it so that they could move into their new home....
  2. I didn't mean to make it sound like all Townhome owners only buy Townhomes due to finances, many choose to go that route I would not buy a free standing home on my own, as I do not want the up-keep, it is hubby's need and wish for the house BUT--"Most" ( I said "most", not all) townhomes are more affordable than most free standing homes in Houston, so if price is an issue, but you still wanna be close-in, it's a viable choice......... Value's in the land will mostly likely always be true in the inner loop, as there is only so much land available
  3. First off, I want to Thank everyone for taking the time to reply to my query You guys are great........ Sid113, and RBarz- I agree with you, as my concerns are with the townhome market, not single family homes in good nabes--A house is always your best investment---but maybe out of reach, price wise, for some.....so Townhomes are your next option--and of course--there "ARE" alot of townhomes in the inner loop area( whether they are on the market, or not currently is "moot" to the long time investment/value issue at hand here.....)--so you need to "shop wisely" and try to purchase something that makes it ( the townhome) stand out a bit from the rest--little bit of a yard ( not just a "Dog-run--LOL!!) good position in the nabe ( let's not back to a main road, here) or you just might not see enough appreciation to warrant all the maintance and upkeep(and said expense) homeownership entails....... Katie, Yes, schools always are an issue in family friendily areas--and I'm sure they are helpful in inner loop townhome areas, too---but I tend to think that someone in say, Camp Logan, knows if they live there with school-age children--that private school(s) "Might" be the best option............. The Niche, I also agree that prices see a bit of a decline once the "high season" is over...this happens even in decent markets--but nothing like the California , or Florida decline GoAstros, I don't think River Oaks is over priced--but, as you say--comps vary greatly there--and that is based on the fact that some of those homes are well, just sooo custom, and others really are not In areas with several townhomes with similiar features--a basic "price for sq. ft." is going to emerge, and then indiviual chartacteristics( upgrades,updates,location within area, lot size--if any) will affect the final price.... Native Montrosian--I think they are looking at around 3k sq ft, or so--they need that much, as they have 3 grown kids, with grandkiddies who will visit from time to time......I don't think Midtown would work out for them--as it might be a bit too "rowdy" for them--they are pushing the big "6-0".... RedScare, and 20th Street Dad--the Heights is the Heights--what can I say?---some folks would never live elsewhere and pay a premium to do so--if they have to.................they will I don't "think" anyone is trying to "fake" sellers into thinking prices have dropped/adjusted anymore than they really have--as most sellers are quite savvy, as are most buyers....... There maybe be less sellers/homes on the market, but there are also way less buyers, especially with "good credit" to purchase those homes--it is a buyer's market--like it, or not.... I'll "bite the bullet" here, and take the truth serum.......If I had not brought the lot in which my house in West U is built on prior to 2002( the money is in the land over in my nabe--housing varies greatly) I could quite likely be somwhat "upside down" right now.......as I finished building during the "high season" mid-2008...............
  4. Hello Y'all I am wondering out loud here....we have friends who "finally" sold their house in The Woodlands( took quite a while) and are looking at townhomes in nice nabes in the loop.......... Now, they have been actively looking since 2007 both going to open houses on their own---and having a realtor show them some units Well, we all know that in 2007--prices were high in the more desirable nabes in the loop---and out to the beltway---for that matter By mid-2008, prices seemed to level off, and even go slightly down........ Credit crunch didn't help matters, and prices continued to drop slightly By late 2008, early 2009 people just stopped putting their houses on the market---as offers were fewer and farther between ( that is the word of a high producer in Houston--inner loop office) which is understandable--if you don't need to sell--don't try to.......cause it ain't pretty out there right now..... Well, they are wondering if they should just rent the next year---because they have had two decent offers that they placed on townhomes "Completely turned down" One was in West Haven Estates--listed at 599K--they offered 565K---due to some work that they know would need to be done---and of course, they figured the homeowner's would reply with a higher price BTW--This is a "Cash Deal" The owners completely turned it down--stating that townhomes in the little gated alcove where they live have gone for 620K--yah, bigger units, and that was back in 3/2007----it just isn't the same economy now, as it was then......... I "personally" think that their listing agent lead them astray---as this townhome had an "open house" this weekend---and I, the endless Real Estate follower ( bored I guess--) went to "check out this camp....." The listing agent ( holding the house open) asked me what I thought.... It is over-priced--got the comps to back it up She told me "It will go for the high five's" It has already been on the market for 105 days I told her "Not in this economy", as similar units down the street ( both complexes are north of San Felipe---pricier than south of San Felipe) have gone for in the low five's.........all comp's from 1/2009 till current Well, to say the least---this realtor placed me on her "flurf-list" Okay, moving on......West Haven must not be the "place" for them..... Upper Kirby area ( not to be confused with the upper Kirby area that sits right next to River Oaks, you know, streets like Fairview, Spann, Welch--where you can't touch "nothing" for under 800K--unless it is small, strange etc.) Townhome is offered at 649K, they offer 609K, based on the prices per sq ft. that have sold recently ( there is nothing special about the house to justify the higher price) owner comes back at 645K................. On the market for 120 days...... Even if either of these deals would have "gone thru" local comps would work against appraising the home for the purchasing price--if there was a mortage needed for the purchase of the home...... They are giving up for now ( so someone is missing out on selling their home to a good buyer) and will go into a High-rise and rent for awhile....as they need to be out of their house in 3 weeks.... So, my question to all you real estate professionals, hobbiest, investors.. Is Houston still over-priced? My guess, yes, by about 10%, or in some places.....more Nobody wants to end up "Upside down" this time next year, as we do have another decent size round of mortages re-setting this fall, which, most likely will cause home prices to "move south" yet again..... Opine away
  5. Hi Woody, That's pretty nice that you are doing this---whether it is for your job assignment, or not.............as I never really "felt" there was enough "transparency" about important issues such as this while still living there Celiene
  6. Thanks guys, for all your feedback! Longhornguy--I really was "just kidding about the Taco stand/Fortune Teller issue....as it is "good to hear" that the HOA's have some "power" in both areas............being that in a city like Houston ( which really has not zoning laws per see) you can never be too careful And as Longhorn guy stated--T-Homes aren't exactly "cheap" in either areas Most posters to this forum seem interested in preserving the local nabes---so I felt safe checking this out with you.... They have no children at home to be concerned about schools, as the husband does favor the CL area due to it's Memorial Park location I would tend to agree with y'all, W'Haven would have more "cut-thru traffic" and possibly a bit more crime due to the easy access to Westheimer---worse traffic too, especially at rush hour Still wondering about the green areas/small parks in CL though( anyone else know anything about this??)---I would hate to see more T-Homes going in on those areas--it would crowd the area in too much, and possibly lower property values in the long run............HOA needs to stay on top of that one Celiene
  7. Hello All, Friend is searching for townhomes in both areas--Opinions? Camp Logan area: Around Memorial Park---backs up to Crestwood Subdivision, easy access to Memorial Park---some Townhomes actually face the park........ Street lo-cals generally being Memorial to the south ( east-west parameter) and Wescott to the east( north-south parameter), Washington Ave also runs east-west around the area ( In case y'all didn't know........) Other area is Westhaven Estates: Generally considered to be only two Roads off of Westheimer ( to the south) and Woodway ( to the north) Potomac and Nantucket---areas north of San Felipe are considered "choice" and are priced somewhat higher than the areas south of San Felipe..................or at least it seems that way to "me" Close to the Galleria if you get a "shopping jones"............. Ok, both seem to be "empty nester" type areas, or young professionals who haven't had the kiddies yet ( and head out to The Woodlands, or some far flung location that they will regret) somewhat ethnicly diverse( sorry, can't spell tonight--LOL!) and great local ammenities Questions for the wise real estate sages/savants on the board: Flooding.........what's the "facts" out on that in both areas??---don't tell me to look up the FEMA maps---been there, done that---areas both look like they "can't quite make up their minds" with this regard...( Well, it is FEMA, are we surprised?) No real deed restrictions in either place--Can y'all nabes sell the townhome/homestead to developers ( someday when they are "flush" with cash/cheap credit again--someday over the rainbow ) and the developer builds a combo Taco Stand/Fortune Teller "hut" ( Hey, no bad feedback on that one--it's Houston and you really "never can tell"..............) I would imagine that this possibilty would only happen to properties closest to main roads At a Open House in Camp Logan--listing agent told us that some of the green park areas, common areas are owned by Houston proper--and that they could/might be sold to developers ( there is that nasty word again) and additional townhomes could be built in those areas. Their HOA is trying to get together, to stop this ( that is the "Keep Taggart Zero Green" signs that you see in the area) or maybe try to purchase those areas from the city of Houston??? Anybody know anything else/new about this Camp Logan "issue?" Ok, general question for y'all......which of those areas do you like best and why? ......or just a good story to tell about past "bad behavior" in either areas?? Thank you ahead of time!!! Celiene
  8. I think you will be very happy in West U, I am pleased with my choice--although it took me quite a bit to get the DH going on moving ( like 5 yrs-LOL!) because for the longest time, we were unable to resell our home in the Woodlands for what we paid for it ( and it was a model home featured in a glossy magazine---too maxed out...........) it took us seven yrs to see enough "gains in value" to sell and break even I had replied to your query about the Lakes on Eldrigde area because after living out in "The Woods" for 7 yrs--I have to believe that being closer into the city--if even the Energy Corridor---would have made that "long, boring 7 yrs that I spent in the far-flung x-burbs" a bit more "papable" for this urban gal................ But I don't have children, so those activities/ concerns do not factor into my decision in where to buy a home...........................
  9. Comparing Houston's run down areas to Detriot's isn't exactly a "balanced asessment" , as Detriot is a 330 year old city, founded by French Fur entrepreneurs, or " fur trappers", if you will......(while Texas is a 150+ year old "state")-- it took a long time for it to become the crumbling mess that it is today( but many of the surburban areas are still "quite nice") Certain areas of Houston fell into disrepair at much faster rates than Detriot--and I've spent plenty of time in both cities over the course of my 50+ years on the planet................ Both have some of the same industrial issues in common, though--Enough said!
  10. When I moved to the Houston area over 7 yrs ago--It came down to a home in Twin Lakes, or The Woodlands.......... I lost the bet with my DH,who, at the time was "I-10 paranoid" and we ended up out in The Woodlands...............which, for me, has not a great choice--I have no children, and ended up working down in the city ( Med Centre) and the drive was brutal Not to mention just being "Bored to Tears" out there--Ladies groups and all We moved back into the Houston area last summer( West U)--but I always regretted not moving to Twin Lakes/Eldridge area in the first place.... New Transferees that have asked my opinions about both areas ( Woodlands, or Eldridge area) and have moved into those areas ( One was Parkway Villages area--Lakes of Parkway, another was Lakes on Eldridge) have been very pleased with their decisions......................much nicer to be close to the ammenities of Houston--but far enough away from most of the "riff-raff" They also like their Kickerillo homes
  11. Hi Woody, With the expansion of Research Forest "still" as possiabilty--I personally have "No problems whatsoever" with the buyer's agents mentioning this to the potential homeowners'................as it is simply the "right thing to do" , even if this may be ten years out................. The house sold--no problems, other than a slower than average market ( that's life in a tough economy) I lived in the Woodlands for over 8 yrs prior to moving to West U early last summer to be closer to work,I held various positions on village boards, served in area clubs over the years.........have friends who currently work for the community association.................still go back and play in our beloved "poker group" From time to time, correct information can be tough to come by, although that is "not uncommon" in most muncipalities...................
  12. Woody: I don't tend to believe that this is a "Dead issue" although any mention of Research Forest going thru to the mythical "1978" that you mentioned above may well be................... I own several rental properties, one of which backed to Reseach Forest and is very near Branch Crossing............... I have listed and sold that said property as of late All the buyer's agents who have shown the property mentioned the possibilty of Research Forest connecting thru to "2978" ( not 1978---just where is "1978" anyway???) to potential buyers................. I simply cannot imagine Woodlands Realtors bringing that up if it wasn't still a lingering possibilty ( they must mention it due to possible future legal ramifications) due to the "tough selling climate" that we are currently experincing..........
  13. Hi all, It would be "too bad" if they tore that Hunter's Creek house down.......especially since it seems well maintained, at least in the pictures (older, smaller homes in Mc Mansion nabes don't look bad........ smaller, older, "UN-maintained" homes look bad in Mc Mansion nabes.......... because un-maintained homes look just plain bad anywhere ) Now, if there are foundation problems ( some are tough to fix, others are not) or serious mold issues---well, that would be one thing..... With more aging baby boomers heading into retirement years, and not needing the "status Mc Mansion" anymore, homes like this offer a nice option----close to city life with a lttle peace and quiet when you return home ( ahh, if the road noise from I-10 isn't a problem) Plus it is one story--might be a little small for some folks--though ( only in Texas is 2K sq ft. considered a tiny home) Close to the bayou though--is this area "prone" to flooding ? I know some areas along the bayou are.........................
  14. Thanks, AndreaD! There are still rumors "spinning" about just when Research Forest will be considered for expansion thru to 2978, or Honea-Egypt Rd. Most likely this "talk" has surfaced since the "spur" was added for the Target When we looked out in Alden Bridge over 8 yrs ago--realtor told us it was a "probability" due to needed east west road flow..... I don't know if anything has changed with that regard
  15. "So is this why more and more companies are moving to or relocating to the suburbs? Look at Anadarko in the woods and look at some companies in the "energy corridor". I can't speak for the Energy Corridor, but Anadarko got some pretty sizable tax breaks for locating in "The Woods"..........
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