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  1. Frank Liu bought the property earlier this year. From the Lovett commercial website looks to be redeveloping to retail, a grocery store specifically with the 156k sq ft old Fingers store as the anchor, and 3 standalone pad sites along the I-45 frontage road. If all develops according to plan and coupled with the new student apartments being developed across Cullen, this will be a HUGE game changer for Eado along with the rapidly developing UH campus nearby. Link to more information below, click on the pdf flyer and zoom in on the door front of the large retail site, notice the "GROCERY VESTIBULE & CART STORAGE" *fingers crossed its an HEB* http://www.lovettcommercial.com/Detail.aspx?idwebarea=36&webid=234
  2. Thanks to this thread, I avoided buying a Tricon home. I fell in love with one of their units in the Shady Acres area, perfect floorplan, perfect location. However dealing with their sales guy gave me the creeps and reading this thread sealed my decision to avoid them. I closed on an HHN home last week and am extremely happy with it, HHN has been amazingly responsive to making repairs after closing which is really where Tricon's downfall is. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences and helping me avoid a costly mistake.
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