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  1. Only one that comes to mind is on 225 East in Pasadena between Burke and Preston. Two masts and studios if memory serves?
  2. Back in the 70's there was a bowling alley on Shepherd or maybe Durham between I-10 and 11th st.?
  3. Been there, done that, and yes it is totally cool......
  4. Listening to the stream and seeing the old 101 Rock logo really brings back memories.
  5. Happened to be running down the feeder on 225 at Independence Thursday and made a quick stop and shoot with my iPhone. G's has seen better days to be certain. Debbi's was where the engineering staff went on the East end of the building They had a/c and mixed drinks.
  6. Disastr & marmar, I stopped by Tookies after a PGR mission Saturday. Started off with the Bombshell, then straight for Mama Ethyl's onion rings and a Tookies Cheeseburger. Had to pump another 10#'s of air into the rear air shock on my scooter before heading on back to Misery City.
  7. When I worked in Greenway Plaza back in 1980 there was a model of the complex in the 'Underground' which depicted a multi story parking garage to be built across 59 which would accomodate propeller driven aircraft. Another case of common sense not allowing something to be constructed I guess?
  8. It was my understanding, or maybe I just dreamed it, that it was going to be a training center for drone jockey's. I'll as around next time I'm out there.
  9. There were two ice houses on Hwy 225 and Battleground Rd (now Independence). On the East side of that intersection was the Breezeway, on the West side was G's Ice House (think Sherwood Cryer of Gilley's fame). Additionally, at the entrance to the San Jacinto Monument on Battleground you have Beesaws which is the only one of the three still open.
  10. Dub


    What was that old tag line of his? 'Dress 70, Talk 80, and Shoot 90 when my putter's hot'
  11. While my experience was not of the magnitude kmarts was, when our jury idiot started their ranting and raving over perceived police mistakes and calling for acquittal they quickly changed their tune when I pulled a book from my pocket and told him when he was ready to have a rational conversation to let me know. Funny how quickly some people can change their tune when faced with having to come back downtown tomorrow and possibly the day after.
  12. I lived at Pecan Plantation I guess it was off of Rampart / Gulfton back in the 70's. Had it's own club and bar by one of the pools with live bands on weekends. Lot's of single ladies and guys. Glad I survived that era of my life.
  13. Dan's post reminded me I had these three photos. 1. Gonzales 2. Fayetteville 3. Turkey It's always such a kick to find these old stations when out on the road.
  14. I've not taken the test in ions, but office mate said the DPS written was only like 15 questions, multiple choice, with some a answers designed to foul you up. One that cam to mind went something like 'The leading cause of motorcycle fatalities is: a. Not wearing a helmet?, b. Having an automobile related wreck?, c. Head injuries? I think the correct answer was c, but you can understand how they are being sneakey.
  15. Don't I seem to remember a phrase that went something like "contributing to the delinquency of a minor" and fine / jail time accompanying it????? Just saying.
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