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  1. Yes, Levitz bit the dust. Their slogan was "You'll love it at Levitz!"
  2. I don't log on as much as I used to. Speaking of car dealers, my first car was a 1963 Rambler American. Here's a Rambler dealership in Houston that I never knew anything about:
  3. I remember Tommie Vaughn Ford, but not Luke Johnson Ford. Does anyone else remember it? Where was it located?
  4. Yes, I distinctly remember that flood back in 1979. Up in Conroe, people had to row around in boats. They said that the limbs on the tops of trees had snakes crawling all over them. I found this: http://www.wxresearch.com/flood/1979.html
  5. My dad passed away last year and he left me some old photographs. One of them was of an old electric railcar in a big city. I don't know where it is. Would someone out there know if it was one on the Houston-Galveston Electric Railway which operated from 1911-1936?
  6. Yes, back in the early 1960s we got our Christmas tree in that lot. But we first went and bought decorations for it at both the J.J. Newberry and the W.T. Grant stores in Gulfgate. The next year I remember we bought ours in the parking lot of Henke & Pillot supermarket which was located at the "Y" of Telephone Road and Reveille.
  7. According to what I've read, the Grand Parkway will be slowly but surely built. But the residents/businesses around Kemah & NASA might give some problems. Have any of you driven on one or both of the currently open segments?
  8. I lived not too far from Gulfgate from 1962-64. We went to that drive-in theatre which was called the Winkler. As far as I know it stayed open for about 3 or 4 years after I moved away in the summer of 1964.
  9. I also remember seeing 40+ years ago a car dealer in Pasadena called Boyd Mullen Chevrolet. Its sign was eye-catching.
  10. Back in the early 1960s, I remember hearing a commercial on the radio for Chuck Davis Chevrolet. Maybe someone who has access to a Yellow Pages book from back then can look it up and see where it was located.
  11. That's the Winkler Drive-In Theatre. We went there when I was about 4 or 5 years old. It was located on the corner of Winkler Drive and Flowers Street. I found out that a Home Depot store is on that spot of land today. http://www.drive-ins.com/theater/txtwink
  12. Is this restaurant still in operation? Those are late model cars parked there. I thought I read an article a few years ago which said that the whole Pig Sandwich chain was having financial trouble and that all of the restaurants would close down. http://michaelwitzel.com/wordpress/the-texas-pig-stands-drive-in/ http://crm.cr.nps.gov/archive/19-9/19-9-5.pdf http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/MYSA040308_01A_PigStand_38a7856_html636.html Here's part of a closed-down Pig Sandwich stand in San Antonio:
  13. I remember Pig Sandwich drive-in restaurants. It was a good a filling sandwich.
  14. This is all I could find. Is it what you're talking about?
  15. I like aerial photos of old highways. I remember going to Busch Gardens when I was 12. I heard that it folded long ago. I don't know if these photos of Busch Gardens and Anheuser Busch are the ones in Houston or some other city.
  16. I can remember Tommie Vaughn Ford way back in the 1960s. Mr. Vaughn died a few years ago. I did find a couple of things.
  17. Here's an old photo I found of a movie theatre called "Garden Oaks." Where was it located?
  18. I just realized that I might have lost my sense of direction. This photo might have been taken from the side that the movie theatre was later built on and that the building in the background might be the Newberry's store that you'd be in front of when you'd come off of the walking bridge. Yes, and I think that might be Gulf Freeway in the right background.
  19. I asked that because in that picture it looks like some kind of building is on the other side. If my memories serves me correctly, that movie theatre was built sometime in the late 1960s/1970s. I remember people were amazed that there was a "TWO-SCREEN THEATRE!" I think this is it. Someone out there can feel free to confirm it or not. Is this the inside of it? And here's another old photo showing the back side of the Weingarten's sign. My mom bought her groceries there. And I think that "ABC" was a hobby store which sold model airplanes, cars, etc.
  20. Thanks. I remember Playhouse Toys and Gulfgate Lanes, which was an underground bowling alley. I found some other old photos. Yes, even though the floor is outside, it is made of some kind of tiles. If you look closely to the left, you can see Joske's and Sakowitz: You can tell by the cars that this was in the 1950s. In the 1960s, a two-screen movie theatre was on the south side of IH-610. Does anyone know what was there when this photo was taken?
  21. has not set their status

  22. Is this about the Palm Center to which you're referring or is it about another place with the same name?
  23. I'm under the impression that this picture is Gulfgate today. Maybe someone can confirm if it is or it isn't. You can see it on the left
  24. Yes, it was a shame to see Foley's, Joske's & Sakowitz leave us. But the business community called it "progress."
  25. I don't know the name of the street. All I remember is being in St. Joseph's Hospital. I remember a nurse giving me a big plastic syringe. I filled it with water and I squirted my dad with it.
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