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  1. ??? If Commerce is unusuable due to the train then traffics backs up on those streets/lights even more because everyone is using the below grade crossing to get around it. I’m specifically speaking rush hour at 8am every morning. The train tends to come pretty regularly
  2. So after yesterday’s event we are still going to place the highways underground. Smh
  3. I’m happier they are building more townhomes. They are starting to help bring in a different type of resident in addition to the ones that are already there. Starting to give it a good mix. I’m glad they are not building multi unit apartment complexes on every corner.
  4. Im sorry I was mistaken. It was actually a townhome subdivision on York/Harrisburg. Before you cross over Harrisburg going towards Commerce/Canal/etc.... near the light rail. It is literally nestled against a home. Several of them at that.
  5. That whole area is adding new homes constantly and it really isn’t in the traditional EADO area. The townhome community already there “Eado Square” is already finishing up the last few units that are facing Canal St and they are finally finishing those townhome units on Milby Street too. Im not sure what is up with those weird little townhomes on Sampson and Canal behind the tire shop but they are interesting looking enough to say the least. I also saw they are also building townhomes near Sampson/Harrisburg intersection too. Not to mention the old folks homes that are about to be built on Commerce. The area res is about to look real different I’m a few years if these all go through
  6. I was talking to a friend who works for an unnamed firm up in The Woodlands, and they are saying that Shell did buy the Camp Strake land and will build there soon enough.
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