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  1. No, because it causes a ripple effect that slows the entire freeway down. I don't know why this concept of going with the flow is so difficult to understand. I don't drive agressively but I sure get ticked when someone is causing the problem. There is a difference between keeping traffic moving and driving agressively. Oh, my hobby? Racing
  2. When the rest of traffic is doing 75mph and you have a few people doing 65mph or less, it will slow the whole freeway down. That's why people get frustrated and drive agressively. At least you are considerate and stay to the right if you are travelling slower, but left lane enforcement needs to be stepped up. Go with the flow people, it makes everyone's lives easier.
  3. I couldn't have been happier when I-10 opened up last October. It's a beautiful thing, and has saved me almost an hour of commuting a day over 290. What I don't like is what I'm seeing on the new HOV section. Now I'm all for patrol and making sure there are no violators, but it seems the enforcement of speed is getting borderline oppressive. In the last three weeks, not a day has gone by where there haven't been a minimum of 4-5 cars stopped in a 5-6 mile stretch. Yesterday was a new low as I watched officers actually walk out into the middle of the HOV lanes and stop traffic to write them tickets. I was in the mainlanes doing about 65 and the people who were stopped weren't doing much more than that. Is there a zero tolerance policy on the HOV for speeding, or are they exploiting a somewhat captive audience to generate revenue to pay for the project? Either way, I'm almost better off driving on the mainlanes as I see very little enforcement done there. Ugh, sorry to rant...just annoys me when I see things like this.
  4. Does anyone know what this is? It's directly across from Aragon middle school, and looks to be a higher end extended stay suite of some sort. I just thought that was an odd place to build something like that.
  5. I'll have to give this a shot on Friday.
  6. Your experiences were better than mine last night. I didn't realize till I saw the menu that it was the same mediocre food that they serve at any number of the NY Pizzeria locations around the city. The Tortellini Brodo is usually a safe bet, but was awful last night. The broth had no flavor other than that of salty generic seasoning, the chicken was extremely dry, and the presentation was horrible. The garlic bread was pita bread with some garlic salt and parsley flakes thrown on it with a few char marks for good measure. Once again, NO flavor. My girlfriend ended up eating about two bites of her Ceasar salad before wanting to spit it back up. The dressing was horrible. The waitstaff is new, but they seem to ignore the fact that we had plates piling up on the table, not to mention empty drink cups for 10 minutes or more. Inexcusable for a place that wasn't even busy, new or not. About the only redeeming thing about the place was that the pizza was halfway decent, however Brothers NY Pizza at Highway 6 and I-10 is infinitly better (and cheaper) than Russo's. I haven't had food this poor in a while, and this place won't be seeing us on a return visit.
  7. I enjoyed it FAR more than Shogun. My second favorite in the area is Bonsai Fusion Grill / Sushi at West and Highway 6. Excellent food, but lacking on the details that I found at Toro.
  8. Long time reader, first time poster. Had dinner at Toro on Friday night with my girlfriend, and must say I left impressed. I'm a complete hibachi snob, and these other ones that have popped up in the area have been mediocre at best. This is the first hibachi in NW Houston that can compete with the higher priced ones in midtown and on Westheimer. - The atmosphere is excellent. Great lighting, soft but pleasant music playing in the background. Not too loud...just loud enough to barely hear it. The lighting and interior design is fresh and looks like they actually went through some trouble when designing it instead of the clich
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