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  1. .....I'm pretty sure this guy knows he's being a tool. That's why it bothers me.
  2. It's a spout down low, that lets you test the water temperature with your toe before you step into the shower. .....If it has an escution plate or trim on it, you may try pulling that away far enough to determine if you can simply shim it tight with something ( against the tile ). If so, then you could seal it with silicone and slide the trim back down and silicone the outside edge water tight.
  3. There is a store in Old Town Spring that has a pretty good selection of vanity cabinets. It is called Metals,Petals, and More. They have an in stock selection of many different styles and sizes. Some are fairly inexpensive, others....not so much.
  4. The gentleman that posted the comment stated he is an attorney. That's why I asked the question. We know that you are not an attorney.
  5. They are trying to buy a property without an agent, not sell one. I think flipper's advice is spot on.
  6. Any chance that you could clarify what you meant by this? It has become relatively difficult to purchase anything of significance today without having an binding arbitration agreement as part of the contract. In that you stated you are a two attorney family, I'm curious about the "unknowingly signing a confidential binding arbitration" part... Maybe I'm simply misunderstanding what you meant, but, if you, an attorney, felt that you signed something that wasn't what it seemed to be, where does that leave the rest of us that choke on legalese? I'm not trying to be antagonistic, I really want to understand how this happened.
  7. "whether or not you can slip the changes past the form inspector"....is probably not the best way to proceed. If the property is as tight as you describe, I would be very diligent about having a form survey done as soon as it is set. The problems you have now will pale in comparison, if you proceed with slab placement and then find you are encroaching, be it a building line, set back or an aerial easement. CenterPoint doesn't entertain variances like they used to. Surveying companies are typically fully covered by "errors and omission" insurance, if there are in fact damages incurred. I guess it would be most important to discover why the initial six year old survey was inaccurate, if indeed it was.
  8. There are many different reasons that the roof on a particular structure could end up complex and cut up.......but, the idea that that shingle manufacturers influenced whether that became prevalent is ridiculous.
  9. It's ACQ pressure treated material. It's identifiable by its color ( blue-green....not pink ). It is copper based treated vs. arsenic-based treated. The previous ( dark,wet,heavy ) arsenic based treated materials have been deemed unsuitable for residential use since 2004 or there about. It is still available for industrial or agricultural use, and maybe ground contact use ( not positive ). The main issue regarding the ACQ material is that it is highly corrosive to fasteners ( mud sill anchors and/or anchor bolts. nails, etc. must be galvanized or SS ).
  10. Me,too. And that's in spite of how visually unattractive they are. I don't think I've ever finished one without grease dripping on my shirt, try as I might. They are tasty though.
  11. If you're seeing pink plate in any of the pictures in this thread, it may be time for a new monitor....
  12. .....maybe by the time you would finish installing "by yourself". Any and all wood flooring has the potential to get scratched up. Bamboo flooring is a great product. Kids can crap out any flooring they set their sights on. Keep some extra pieces from the same lot for repairs later, and go for it.
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