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  1. A year has gone by and still no lights or plasma tvs. oh well, i guess the recession has taken a toll on us all!! LOL
  2. I really wish they would add a really nice comedy club as part of the entertainment options at the Pavilions. This would be a great spot to keep even more things going on at night. Hopefully somebody pitches this idea to them and they sign up a tenat with these plans in the near future.
  3. Has anybody seen any jumbotrons or plasma screens around the pavilion. I though that they were going to place signs that would be seen from blocks away. I realize this place still has a lot to go before it is finsihed, much less get more tenats, but they need to spruce it up a little.
  4. http://realestate.msn.com/Buying/Article_busweek.aspx?cp-documentid=8356625 Many ambitious programs to revitalize downtowns of cities across the U.S. are stalling as the economy slows. By Chermelle D. Edwards and Prashant Gopal, BusinessWeek But everything has changed for Tampa and for many other cities because of the housing slump and foreclosure crisis, which were intensified by the year-old credit crunch. Only about 3,500 of the planned condo units have been built or are under construction in Tampa's downtown area, and many remain vacant. Office construction has been delayed. Optimism for
  5. Update. Things are starting to pick up. There is more of the curb side streets being torn up than a few weeks ago. It is starting to get messy, so I might have to start finding an alternate route to take to work than Harrisburg. They have the street cut off on one side, and barracades on the left hand side (heading out of DT). The right side has been convereted into a two way maze of cones. I almost saw a guy eat it today when he was driving on the wrong side, onto on coming traffic. Meanwhile, one of the workers was dazed and confused almost walked across the street without looking, he almost
  6. Here is the difference between a barely Cat. 3 Hurricane Alicia vs. a Cat 4/5 Carla. What is disturbing is the surge produced by Carla affecting the lower lying areas such as Freeport, Alvin, Texas City, League City, Pasadena, La Porte, Webster. Not GOOD!! Hurricane Alicia, August 18, 1983: Alicia was the first hurricane to strike the Continental USA since Allen in 1980. It was the longest period in this century that the U.S. mainland had gone without a hurricane landfall (though tropical storms did hit within that time). Alicia was a small- to medium-size hurricane. It reached a minimal Ca
  7. Yeah then it can at least look like a transformer. You know like the autobots, then it can be cool ...no wait never mind, that thing is just but ugly.
  8. Do any of you guys have any idea what kind and where they are going to place the jumbotron/plasma screens? I know they will probably wait closer to opening day, but I have no clue where they could possible put the screens, how many, and what kind. I kind am eager to see the finishing touches, and I hope that they meet my expectations, since many have been deflated already by the exterior design they have chosen thus far. Maybe the interior will compensate for it.
  9. I drive through there everyday, and there is not much going on. They cleared some old buildings on the side of the road, but nothing major going on. You would even know that they are doing anything out there, related to metro rail, just a bunch of barriors alongside of the street. I want to see the streets torn up already. At this rate, they will be luck if they get it doen by 2012. I do see a lot, i mean alot of trees by the underpass just outside of downtown, thats about it though.
  10. For years I have been wondering if Sears will ever do something with this eyesore located in midtown. It has so much potential, I guess at one point it was actually considered a beautiful building. Sears really needs to think about bringing it back to its original form. Something needs to be done. I would prefer to preserve the building, instead of razing it . What do you all think? Article found in the Chronicle today. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/main/5924010.html ''It's hideous!" fumes my friend V., warming up to one of his favorite rants: the unbearable ugliness of the Sears o
  11. I believe Metro is suppose to have a biaatch session today to talk about the bridge and about the proposed service station. I wonder if this meeting is going to be a waste of time or if something good will come out of it. I guess the chronicle will let us know tomorrow. In a city this size, it is always going to be hard to get a consensus. It will be interesting to see what come out of this town hall meeting.
  12. Man that suxs, I was eager to see the videos and either they are currently not working or I can't access them from work. All I see at the site is Videos Coming soon! Is there is anothe link to view them? Suggestions are welcomed.
  13. If I had to pick one fo the other HOB places, I think that the original HOB renderings would have resembled the closest to the HOB in Atlantic City. At least that is what it looks closest to, everyother city has one that looks more like a tin box. Either way this thing is going to look really nice inside.
  14. Hey guys, pardon me for not knowing more, and maybe some of you can clear this up for me. Is there still more changes coming to the House of Blues. I mean judging by the latest pictures HOB looks nothing like the renderings. There has got to be a lot more to this, there doesn't seem to be enough see through glass/window. Please tell me that this is not going to resemble anything close to the final product. If so I will be greatly disappointed. Can somebody who knows the scoop, tell me otherwise. I couldn't upload the pictures, but if you look at the latest constuctions pics out on there websit
  15. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/tomball/news/5866089.html By KIM JACKSON Chronicle Correspondent The push for commuter rail service along U.S. 290 received a boost recently with the release of a study that ranks that rail corridor as a key component of a regional commuter rail system. Harris County and Metropolitan Transit Authority officials said they are ready to get moving on a U.S. 290 commuter rail project. Union Pacific Railroad officials said they are open to the idea and will continue discussions with those entities. Union Pacific owns the north-south "Eureka" railroad corrid
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