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  1. Not anymore, they would have expired quite some time ago. But yes to the Setbacks, etc.. which is all controlled by the City and permitting. If you are looking for a lot in Broadmoor I would advise just driving the neighborhood, you will find some empty lots with For Sale By Owner signs that are not listed and should be cheaper then the MLS ones. The three lots for sale on MLS are owned by one guy who was going to build three homes on them but.... I would guess the money was not there.... So now he has them listed for a small fortune which he won't be able to get anytime soon unless MoneyBags comes in and pays cash. For the most part Broadmoor lots are all 6,250sqft so not a bad footprint of land for innnerloop. Good luck, Scharpe St Guy
  2. Bringing this topic back to life due to the news about the 5M for the East End improvements. If you are of the mind to please send councilman Rodriquez an email bringing this to his attention. http://www.houstontx.gov/council/i/index.html All the best, Scharpe St Guy
  3. 5M will pay for a lot more crappy paint jobs (errrr Artwork) with hideous colors. Hopefully they will be wise spenders of "our" money. Scharpe St Guy
  4. Hello all you Broadmoor Newbees, My Wife and I own a home on Scharpe and used to own another on Munger. You will love the neighborhood, it was very good to us and for that matter very safe. We had no issues other then the neighbor getting a little loud once in a while with his stereo and needing to be told to turn it down either by me or the police. You will find that Victor Trevino's guys are very good and very quick. He lives in the neighborhood and hosts the yearly Neighborhood night out at the ball fields including food, drinks, prizes, and activities for the kids. Location wise Broadmoor is situated perfectly and only getting better once Light Rail is built connecting Eastwood Transit Center. I should note this though for any/all reading this. Our home is now a rental since we moved up north to our second home and the tenants called Centerpoint after smelling gas. They should have notified us first but CP came out, confirmed a gas leak at the 45 degree fitting underground and pulled the meter. Once the meter is pulled it takes a permit, licensed plumber, and bringing your house up to 2009 building code. This sucks for those who own older homes but alas it is what it is so our house will now have Gas lines (Heat, Water, Fireplace, Stove) installed to 2009 building code. If they had not called CP first I would have called the plumber who would have turned off the gas, replaced the fitting, tested the lines, and left with a much smaller repair bill and the tenants would have had hot water for the past week instead of not having hot water. We gave the tenants half off the rent in order to keep them happy since they are good tenants and are taking good care of the property. Anyhow welcome to the neighborhood, I'm sure you will be as happy as we were and are. All the best, Scharpe St Guy
  5. Good to know what is happening with that area/structural wrecks. I can not imagine that they could strip those buildings down, let them sit for months and months exposed to the elements and then expect to rebuild them into habitable housing at least at a reasonable cost. The framing at least to me looks terrible and I wouldn't be surprised if some Jacky Childs lawyer and a homeless individual take the city to court and win big $$$ due to shoddy construction or mold. I wish they would just tear the rest of them apart and start over from scratch. Scharpe St Guy
  6. My first home purchase was in Hidden Lakes back in 2002. I loved the area, the location, the lake behind my townhouse 779, it felt like I was coming home to a home in the country on a lake with lots of wildlife all around. Back then and even now the price can't be beat but the fear of flooding will always be there due to being like New Orleans at the bottom of the toliet bowl! However that being said the flooding has served to keep these properties updated and refreshed. The only reason I moved was due to attending a Dave Ramsey class and realized I was spending too much money both in mortgage and HOA costs, I reinvested my money into the East End and purchased a few homes for investments/flips/etc... and came out pretty well. Again great area and property however the first floor can and will flood every X or XX years so flood insurance is a must from the lenders point of view and hopefully yours too. All the best, Scharpe St Guy
  7. Without a doubt Robert is rolling in his grave at his son Rodney and where he has taken Finger furniture - out of business. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6314342.html There must be more story here then what the Chron is reporting, hopefully Rodney has at least a plan on a napkin stashed somewhere. Scharpe St Guy
  8. If he were to purchase a property today or anytime soon and NOT WANT the purchase price reported to HCAD then I would consider the buyer a fool. Today there are just too many good deals to be had due to foreclosure or other circumstances and these deals are all under HCAD Appraised value. I just represented a buyer on a townhome that is on HCAD for $324k for 2008, 2009 value not yet released and the property was purchased for approx $210k. Yes for it to be considered a "DEAL" it should be lower than all the non-foreclosure comparables and HCAD appraised values buy a good percentage. In regards to reporting on MLS I always fill in the sales price but leave the other information blank, ie... how was it purchased (Cash, Fin, FHA, etc..), amount put down, repair costs paid by seller, etc... etc... I feel that how the buyer financed/paid for the property is their business not anyone else's although the sales price needs to be there in order to establish comparable values. Just my .02c, Scharpe St Guy
  9. Just found this: "Longer-term, the Finger family, which owns Fingers Furniture, plans a multitenant redevelopment of the Gulf Freeway property." http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto.../25/story6.html I'm pretty sure that I heard that this would not be an Ashley Furniture location, then I heard something about Walmart going in there but that could have been pie in the sky. Thanks, Scharpe St Guy
  10. All/Mod, Perhaps I have missed the thread else ware and the search let me down but what is the buzz on the Fingers Furniture location across the Freeway from UofH? This is a large tract of land just south of downtown next to our largest University so what will it become, any insight? Apologies if this is being discussed else ware, Scharpe St Guy
  11. Depending upon the cost I would be interested in this as well, I will second the thoughts of Marksmu on the rates that trades are trying to charge. Please keep us posted Neostead on your progress and HAIF "Preferred" pricing, Scharpe St Guy
  12. SweetPotato, Congratsulations on your purchase in Broadmoor. I know you will love it in the community, the location, and the reverse traffic you will enjoy if your work takes you outside of the inner core. Please keep us appraised if you get the foundation work done as I wouldn't mind having our house done as well and possibly we could entice a better deal or for that matter get Marks/Phister out to do the jobs. All the best, Scharpe St Guy
  13. Just filled up at the Shell Station at Telephone/610 South however the line is shorter at the no name gas station just West of there at Broad and 610 South. Good luck, Scharpe St Guy
  14. TV is reporting Gas at the Valero at Westheimer/Kirkwood the Royal Oaks area in West Houston. Gas price is 3.49 for regular and they are only accepting CASH. Good luck, Scharpe St Guy
  15. KHOU just reported (8:16pm) that HEB had I think 13 stores open with 7 having Gas, not sure of the locations though. Scharpe St Guy Forgot to add that they are open till 9pm tonight.
  16. Hello All, I wished to start a new topic on places where those of us can go find gas. Personally myself I have quite a bit of gas in storage however when it starts getting used I know I will wish to know which stations are open and where they are at. Thanks and all the best to Greater Houston and All of Us on HAIF, Scharpe St Guy
  17. Vertigo, Those sidewalks actually look kinda good when compared to some of the ones in Broadmoor. I will need to take a few new pictures of the new sidewalks and some more pictures of the bad sidewalks or for that matter just plain old non-existent ones. Thanks, Scharpe St Guy
  18. Hello all as mentioned previously under the East End baseball thread it appears the City is graciously providing us new sidewalks along Dumble. This is terrific due to the fact with the High School and baseball fields on Dumble there were for the "most" part no (Seriously NO sidewalks at all on either side of the street across from the baseball fields) sidewalks to walk on. On certain streets the city is also replacing the sidewalks in front of the home on each corner as well. Any idea how this came about? Will they continue and replace the unusable sidewalks throughout Broadmoor? I believe this is just one more item that will make the area more attractive to those who were on the fence about moving into the near East End and specifically the Broadmoor area. Thanks, Scharpe St Guy
  19. This morning I also noticed surveyors at 45 & Lockwood/Elgin on the Macy's side. They had planted many flags and were spray painting the ground. Not sure what is going on there but perhaps Light Rail related, Metro/Road, New Construction on that site????? Thanks, Scharpe St Guy PS as Gas prices go up the land value of our area goes up with it, it's really getting exciting.
  20. I will back up some of the comments on here regarding Broadmoor. My wife and I have owned a few homes in the neighborhood and currently reside in the same home for the past 4.5 years. We have loved the community as a whole, there are some homes that need to be scraped however there has been a constant renovation cycle going on in the neighborhood since we have moved in. If you take a drive through the neighborhood the day prior to heavy trash you will find lots of construction debris, old toliets, tubs, cabinets, etc... waiting to be picked up. All evidence of a renovation in process. In regards to crime we have experienced none, I attribute this to neighbors who look out after each other and having Victor Trevino and his wife living in the neighborhood as well. You often times see constable cars cruising through the area keeping an eye on everything. Location and proximity is fantastic and if you are lucky enough to work downtown the time and gas expenses are almost non-existent. Future light rail line will connect to the Eastwood Transit Center which will be a big bonus and one day the Macy's (old Foley's) warehouses will be torn down and replaced with something better but who knows what as of right now??? Last but not least most of the homes are brick and on a lot size of 6,250sqft which is quite large when you compare to other inner loop neighborhoods. All the best, Scharpe St Guy
  21. I heard the crane on site had some potentially risky problems they were trying to work around/fix. Scharpe St Guy
  22. Richard, To answer your questions: 1. Put a bid on the home you like the best at what you consider an acceptable and reasonable offer. You may decide to go in a little lower then work up to the acceptable/reasonable as well. 2. You only crawl the house upon an accepted and signed offer. If you do it prior you are making an investment in the house which will work to the sellers favor since you have invested time/money/clothes/lights/etc.... 3. If you get an accepted offer then you can crawl or hire an inspector to crawl for you. If you find faults with the piers/beams/plumbing/etc.... then you can ask for these items to be addressed, money set aside to be fixed post closing, or a reduction in the sales price. If sellers will not agree then you can walk away and receive your option money back as long as you are within the option period. Check the piers, beams, plumbing (like previous poster said run the water/flush the toilets), look for any termite damage or active termites, standing water, etc.... Our work week house is on pier and beam and we love it, fixing plumbing is a breeze, adding plumbing is easy, fixing the foundation is easy, etc... it's a good foundation for the soil that we have in the Houston area that tends to shift greatly. What part of town are these homes located? Thanks and good luck, Scharpe St Guy
  23. Both Listing Agent and Buyers Agent and quite often with my own properties (investments). And yes I actually do entertain verbal/email offers however once we come to a meeting of the minds I make it clear that it needs to be written and executed post haste or other offers will be entertained. All the best, Scharpe St Guy
  24. Ok I have a good bit of the same experience, we submit an offer and all of a sudden from another galaxy the property has multiple offers on it. Quite honestly I think they are all BS and those agents are dishonest and plain out liars however how do you catch them in the act? Don't feed bad though I am an agent myself and I run into this stuff all the time. I think we actually discussed this in a prior thread as well but if I were you I would call the bluff unless you really want the property and think you have found a great deal or a must have acquisition. Good luck and let us know how it turns out, Scharpe St Guy
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