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  1. really...will have to contact my insurance agent. I live right next to it. Thanks
  2. thanks for the confirmation...we will head over there this weekend and order our set. thanks franklin
  3. We are looking for a back yard play system for my kid. She's 2 right now, and we have a baby on the way...so its a good time to get one now. We went to Kids Structure last weekend...saw a couple good choices. Was browsing Rainbow website too and found a few good choices. So what do you all have? recommend? advice on play system? our back yard is large enough to accomodate the swing set (only HOA restriction is to be under 12ft) Thanks Franklin
  4. Thanks for the links...will go over them later tonite in more detail. As for maintenance, doing work couple times a year is fine. I just dont want to be working every month on it. Thanks Franklin
  5. Answers below: Where is this? The answer for Conroe will be much different than Friendswood or Galveston. Pearland (right behind the new town center) In what direction is everything oriented (does the back of the house face north or south? Back of the house faces North. What's behind the back fence and the longer side (left side of your picture)? Behind the back fence is my neighbor's back yard. My house is a corner lot, so the left side fence backs into about 12 feet of front/side yard, then the street. Is it entirely grass or is it mostly grass and dirt or are there any shrubs or trees at
  6. Need help with my backyard design. Any of yall have any good ideas? on what to get/placement etc? Few items we want: 1) Seating area - Deck or pavers 2) Trees (what are some good low maintenance trees?) 3) Area for a jungle gym/sand box Maybe some flower beds or water feature. We want something low maintenance and a place my daughter can play. Here's a picture of my backyard. Thanks!!!
  7. Flipper, do you mainly do full remodel or any type of work. We are planning a few things to our house. 1) Redo kitchen flooring. Now have vinyl. Planning on tiles/slate/concrete 2) Master Bathroom. Has the same vinyl. Planning on tiles/slate. Our separate shower stall is kinda small, wondering if this can be enlarged. 3) Planning to add an electric gate to block off our detached garage. 4) Back yard landscape Are the above doable? Thanks Franklin
  8. Thanks for the links. I'll call those places on Monday.
  9. Just want to know where can i get bulk river pebbles for my garden? I'm trying to cover a long narrow path by my garage. Its about 40'x4' i've driven by a few places but they only sell mulch and top soil. So wondering if there are places that sell bulk stones? Home Depot sells them, but at $4/bag, its going to be costly. Thanks Franklin
  10. Thanks...i'll stop by buchanan's on monday. i've read that it does get invasive...and people suggest planting it with the pot. I'm planning to plant this in a 3x10 area (backs a fence)...am i going to run into issues? thanks franklin
  11. I'm looking for a local nursery that sells Horsetail Reed. I found a couple places online, but figure i'd check some local nurseries first. Any leads? Thanks Franklin
  12. we checked out lease rates on similar houses, and our cash flow will break even (mortgage, tax and insurance). Maybe i need to add a small amount for wear/tear to the total (that'll put us in the negative) thanks....something for us to consider!!!
  13. Want to get some advice here... We currently live in Pearland (Southgate Subdivision on CR59 - behind Macys). We are planning to move inside the loop, to be closer to work. Should we sell our house or lease/rent it out? Our house is 2 years old. Basically, with all the growth in the area, if property value will increase in the next 3-5 years, we will lease it out and sell then. If the increase is marginal...we will sell. What do you all think the potential property value in pearland will be in 3-5 years? Thanks Franklin
  14. I'm a newbie and very curious to hear responses to this question. I've only heard of Bianchi and i really like his designs.
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