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  1. I am curious how many people on this site live in Garden Villas. Please respond only if you currently live in the neighborhood.
  2. Cause I dont have a bullet proof vest. We go to the Krogers in Pearland. We will soon be going to HEB at blackhawk and 8. Both are fairly close to the house and have the whole food/cent.market items. Seems we go to Pei Wei on Waugh once a week, so also go to the Kroger over there.
  3. sad thing about that store is if you removed the 3 generations of family that are with the purchaser, I dont think it would be that crowded. Its Sunday, people want to get out of the house at the hottest part of the day, so they can turn off the a/c. What a better place that a grocery store. They kids can run around and eat things and put back the half eaten portions. you can see I really hate going to that store.
  4. is staples the new store going in next to best buy? Guessing they have done the market research and plan to put office depot out of business? Not this is releveant, just trying to keep the east side board happening
  5. ok, so there is such a huge demand that there is now a party city next to Best Buy at Gulfgate. I really dont understand the need. I havent been invited to a party with decorations in yrs, yet this store is in my area...hmmmm. MM..when is the next happy hr speaking of parties.
  6. they left logs at my house too..but the city did say they needed to be cut in 10 in sections which I didnt do. I did see alot larger pieces being picked up. Can we please get Micheal Moore here...this is a conspiracy, and I need some money, and MRE.`s. ha


    oh maybe that explains the sudden weight gain...I thought is was from working out.


    OMG, I had some mre`s that a friend had and they are really good. I see them for sale on ebay so thinking they can be purchased locally even though it says not for retail sale...anyone have any info on purchasing?
  9. I have some people in the nabe that I dont think will clean up the mess from the storm. These are 30yr old loosers that dont really care about their surroundings. We are talking alot of trees down and fence damage (on their property). Am I able to call the city and complain after a few months?
  10. lhg is correct in that if you somehow show children are at danger, and there has been "talk" of a lawsuit if a child gets injured, you seem to go to the front of the line. Thats not personal experience talkin...thats how a neighbor (police) instructed me to deal with the city about any problem.
  11. ok...finally got power today...no the appraisel is 20k over what I paid. I have done extensive renovations..not sure what kinda follow up they have if I show crappy before pics and say "this is it".
  12. travel time added sounds like..they did the same to me..i threw a fit and refused to pay. Charges were waived.
  13. its not a water problem...that was cleaned up very quickly. There currently is no floor down, and there is a ever present smell of dog hair in the room..its worse when the floor gets wet. I have vacuumed, and mopped. Once the floor is down I doubt you will smell it, but still it bothers me and if I dont remove the smell, I will always think about it evertime I enter the room. I will try a pet store.
  14. So after recieving some water in a room (ex-garage) that I assume housed some dogs at a earlier time, there is a dog smell that will not go away. It has to be coming from the concrete, as it occured another time the concrete was wet. Is there a way to eliminate it other than sealing the concrete with a primer of some sort?
  15. oh ya, the other thing is I never recieved a notice of the meeting..I noticed it when I pulled up the actual file on the site. I would imagine that info is accurate though.
  16. I recently filed a complaint after recently purchasing a house and the seeing the appraisel went up by 22%. I realize this is normal, but after looking at the report closely it says the house was remodeled in 2007 (built in 1968), which is not true. It may have been repainted, and some mud spread here and there, but thats about it. When I went to pull comps in the immediate neighborhood, the new value was exactly in line with everyone elses, so I dont have any good comps to use...the only thing that bothers me at this point is the remodel note. I really dont have time to go to the hearing tomorrow and feel its a waste unless the remodel note will somehow affect me later. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Is it worth my time?
  17. same in garden villas...some tree limbs, but still have power.
  18. best part of the sign is it looks like they werent sure how to spell drunks..with a k or g
  19. margaritas here...but I ran out of ALL orange liquor (cointrou and grand marnier sp?)and now its just teq. and mix. The mix will be gone tomorrow...so when you see the drunk WT person on TV that could be me..or just someone else from Baytown..hahah
  20. same here..no its not normal.
  21. the one in Hockley didnt last long...seems after the initial excitement, it died. I was super excited...but just not motivated to drive that far.
  22. palais royal is one..I will ask someone I know what the other is
  23. hardwire the alarm "brain" and go wireless with the sensors. cell connection is the way to go..are people on this forum really still using landlines? its not hard to cut a phone line then enter. its not expensive either. how much is a damaged door/jamb, or broken window worth? I dont mind 35$ a month at all.
  24. the trucks actually have great food as long as your not trying to watch your health. It scares me though that they dont have running water.
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