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  1. http://www.lottaliving.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=14009 I realize many here are on the lottaliving site under another name. I hate posting the same stuff on different forums, so ck it out if you get a chance...my front yard needs help
  2. 700 sq foot house was 1200.00..I can almost promise they will try to see you a extra beam...they all do. It is very easy and almost embarassing when I saw how it was done.
  3. Harvard Heights is busy doing easy and close jobs. Quoted 25k for a 2 story 24x24 shell. When I wanted a simple 10k garage, I was "too far away" for them. I live just outside the loop on the south side..guess lumber prices over here was the breaking point
  4. I got prices on my demo and they were expensive....my suggesition is, rent a dumpster for 265$ a day. They drop off and pick the dumpster up. 3 day laborers at 10hr. That should get it done in one day. Qotes for a 2 car garage would be about 2k without slab removal. 60lb jack hammer is 60$day.
  5. Marmer...spill the beans...how are you associated with this house? I cant see anything being developed here. It really reminds me of growing up in Channelview, which isnt a bad thing, just not something I would ever repeat. Just remembered, when we were driving thru there were alot of mobile homes (trailers) all over the place...so its a long term gamble. Pearland is obviously developing in another direction and leaving this area behind.
  6. Would 3 acres in Sharpestown help. The area looks the same.
  7. we drove the area and its very industrial and the houses around it are cheap rundown houses from the 70`s. I have lived in some bad areas, but this is bad and depressing.
  8. Volcanoes in the Village, Alabama ice house, catch a happy hour show at the Continental Club.
  9. it appears there is brown grime on everything from the ol school monitor to the walls. I cant even see the front to see what style it is.
  10. flipper what was the exterior siding???looks like plywood with battens?? My house has the same siding of plywood, but I think they are mimicking whatever was there originally. Just never sure what they were trying to achieve. To me the house doesnt look that bad..I mean its just wood, concrete and sheetrock. I would hate to hear what others thought of my house when I bought it. Well guess I already have on another thread
  11. what exactly is the problem your having? If you read the home warranty very closely, its worded where they really dont cover anything. i would get some more quotes.
  12. Bryan, it depends how far under the slab it goes..I had mine done by tunneling, so not to damage the brick floors...not as expensive as you would think....jack hamering thru the slab is easier...a poster here had his house done...around 3000 sq ft...all lines, and think it was 13k. I had 100ft run outside for 1000. tunneling under the house and replacing pipes 3.8k. Just depends on the job and conditions. Unfortunely my tunneling was expensive cause the pipes were incased in the slab...seems I have a double slab.
  13. the drawer fronts kinda look like Heywood Wakefield, but I know they didnt make anything like that...open the small drawer and look underneath..whatever it is, there should be a mark of some sort.
  14. update..without going into much detail, rps324 caught wind of this and sent out enough crazy (rude) emails to make even me blush. Seems the whole city responded to this and it was quickly handled. thanks.
  15. If you dont say anything all will be ok. I had an issue with another house...when asked if problems were ok, I said yes. They wanted to meet at the house and I gave them rediculous times due to work, and they just drove by...not sure if they even did that. It is their job though to put out an effort.
  16. I didnt read all responses, but for me its the Shamwow guy.
  17. yup thats the one...sometimes bravery and stupidity look the same....kinda like intelligence and arrogance. we knew it was a good house, just looked bad. Funky garage hmmm interesting choice of works. Potential lawsuit...ya. The addition was in 68, designed by Robert Maurice. He has done alot around Houston, and seems mostly in River Oaks. Original house was built in 35 It was very funny to see other peoples expression when they were showing the house. there was alot of WTF, and just the silent head shake, with an abrupt exit.
  18. Its for people that have enough money they dont need to work...if it was for us hoi poloi (sp?), there would be too many technical questions. This way they just talk, collect money and leave....or maybe they have a real gig at night.
  19. all the glass is tempered. There is one part of the house where its sheet glass, fortunately its in a area where an accident would be unlikely. The tile is the cheap stuff at the big box store.
  20. I am going to build a storage building in the back yard at the site of the previous garage. There is a slab, but its cracked and just above grade level, and just barely. So question is, should I just go pier and beam on top of the slab, or is there a way to still use the slab? or at least get the lower sill boards off the ground (like using concrete pads). I have alot of heavy things that I would love to keep in there (engines for one) and cant roll around on peir and beam due to weight..or can I? If it matters the slab is 24x24 and the crack is pretty close to middle...about a 2 inch drop at the edge. The storage building will only be 20x12 or so. thanks
  21. thats 3 syllables...and the correct pronuciation is with emphasis on the middle
  22. thanks to all, sometimes I wonder if anyone else appreciates style....we are going after the master bath and bedroom now. Will post pics soon.
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