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  1. I doubt they will be selling drugs...they arent anchored here...they will just move to where the work is. New Orleans, Mex., just not here. They arent hurting too bad..they guy I use said if they are offered less than 8 they all just walk away except for the older/smaller guys.
  2. I tried several times...not doing anything different...keeps saying cant post from photobucket site.?
  3. all panels are up..doesnt look like I will need top or corner trim...will put baseboard made from same wood. This looks rediculously good. I am super happy with the results...once the rain stops I can cut the other boards..but here it is for now. well the pictures are coming up, so you will have to take my word for it.
  4. I glued the wood over the sheet rock...at the bottom I will take 5in strips and use as a baseboard...the rest of the house uses the same style, 1/4in plywood baseboards. at the top, I dont really need anything, but I may put a small moulding (screen divider) at the top and on the sides. As for acoustics, it doesnt really matter, as long as it looks good. I butted the panels together..no need for a divider, although I wanted to use an aluminum T-strip...like the plastic ones you see in offices, but aluminum. The sides are straight enough that they join with no gaps.
  5. Robert Downey madness in less that zero...man I hope it wasnt the scene I`m thinking of. Now this is even weirder...Fiesta on Telephone...typical tejano playing then.. Gene Vincent, WTF...that was kinda crazy.
  6. What is at the top of picture 5? Looks like windows, but cant be?
  7. ya the minute men were at the gulfgate location once..as a joke to show me dumb they were, my wife went up and talked to them etc....they gave here the illegal speech, and how "those people" were killing the economy, while her and other hard working Americans etc etc..but the joke of it was she was illegal at the time..(European)
  8. I used liquid nails and a small finish nailer at the bottom to secure it, with 2 people only glue is needed...once the panel is on the wall you can move it around a little, then really press and it holds. These are 1/4 furniture grade panels. They can be used for anything.
  9. As a homeowner if they get hurt at your house, you arent liable. Talked to a lawyer already. Vertigo, Resendez is a good example, but so is the preppy killer, nice looking white guy....you have to be careful of everyone. Point is, use common sense and be careful around everyone. When talking to these guys, I explain my friends are scared of using day lab. for fear of robbery..they usually ask some questions and get to insert what I would do if a caught one trying to rob me.
  10. I have checked them out too...they (the inside blower unit) all look like a cheap motel to me. It doesnt look any better than a window unit.
  11. mahogany panels from Clarkes Hardwood in the Heights. 4 coats of amber shellac. They look awesome....pics dont do them justice. We bought a walnut sheet and mahogany sheet, and experimented before coming up with the final finish.
  12. what...they let them in the house...noooooo....not even the bathroom. They use the bushes at the back of the lot...maybe TMI, but I would never let them in the house.
  13. first panel up, but super happy with the look second panel..sorry about the color..it isnt this dark
  14. if there was a desk, then there would also be some lazy ass buis. person getting a peice of the pie. This is free market. They dont have to work, you throw out a price and see how many want to work. Some will work for 6hr, and some will just laugh if you offer them less than 8. In all honesty though, I have though about pimpin mine out for 15/hr...
  15. I use day laborers all the time..but not to do anything skilled..digging, cleanup, thats really about it. I have one I use weekly to help...works as hard as I do and things get done twice as fast. I would never let them do something skilled, only cause I dont know them. My wife doesnt have to help which eliminates any screaming matches that may incur. It is bad though...my wife cant go to the home store by herself. The laborers USUALLY ( I had one lazy one) work their butt off, and for the money I pay, I commend them for it. I have yet to meet one illegal...if not citizens, they are here on a visitors pass.
  16. plastic fencing looks like...plastic.
  17. its your home...you can do what you want. I rewired my kitchen and a few rooms. just dont call an inspector
  18. looking at the wood deck, I see a small square cut out in the middle...guessing this is a pump to remove water. I would put in a small square catch basin with a pump that turns on when it fills up....you can use 1 3/4 pvc and run it to another part of the yard or street. I am using one now and it works wonders
  19. Boesch and Danny McShane (seemed to be the house referee)were friends when they were performers themselves...The old tapes of Boesch wrestling are kinda funny. Neither guys were big, even as I kid I thought they were kinda small.
  20. Bosch was an awesome promotor and showman. I remember the line every week "if you have heart problems, please dont come next week"..that was obviously the hint that I HAD to be there. He actually paid his performers unlike many in his day, and didint base it on attendance. Many of the guys promoted their own buisness..like Tinger Conway Jr and the fence Co. Bull Ramos and his wrecker service. I saw MM on there his first time and thought it was a joke...they used that to introduce new wrestlers...but nothing ever happened, he just showed up every week promoting the buisness
  21. mmm, but look around it...there are a few of those shapes...more likely trailers (singlewide), mobile home...whatever they are called. There is one still there in the later pics.
  22. silverfox is correct...call murff turff..a pallet of sod it is 75$, or wait a while and the big box stores will have it, but its twice the price.
  23. This house was the perfect compomise between the wife and I ...traditional in the front and mcm in the back...kinda like a mullet, buis in the front and party out back. My idea was a small wood wall with horizontal slats at a 45 degree angle..would end up looking like jalouse (sp?) windows. Then I could carry that idea onto the side fencing.
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