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  1. thats the one I was talking about, but not the correct address...its on the other end of sims..but same...bigger porch and very nice.
  2. If its the one right in the bend coming off Santa Fe, its looks great. The new owners extended the porch a while back, replaced a bunch of bad wood, and enlarged the columns. Its much more "colonial" now that before. They are working on that thing constantly
  3. I would ask if they knew WTF they were doing...then have them fix whatever they started and leave. I wouldnt pay any more. There are alot of people doing repairs now that have just started in the buis, after they were laid off.
  4. forgot that I am more than willing to pay to cut the tree down. I am scared it will fall during the next hurricane. Its health, but its a very tall pine
  5. I know about the branches on my property etc, but I want to cut the whole thing down. The neighbor doesnt. The trunk is actually 1/4 on my side and the rest on his. Am I stuck cutting just branches on my side, or is there any recourse? Really looking for someone who has actually done this, not just links to web sites.
  6. most lay down a heavy plastic to catch all the debris, then roll it up and throw it away.
  7. thanks..actually I think I found it at Tractor supply..looks like its called "utility panels" "avail in Tx only"...I should have search prior to posting.
  8. the fencing used alot in Austin and Onion Creek...it is a metal screen, approx 4 in squares, and must be galvanized. Guessing its some sort of ag. fencing, but not real sure. They def. do not sell it at the big box home stores. Anyone know what I am talking about? Where the heck do you buy it?
  9. If you arent doing the work, then Orig. Timmy is correct, double the price of what you think. Best thing to do is read up on a project then do what you can and have a pro do the rest. Ikea cabs. are the best..I think we did out entire kitchen, including harwoodinstall, lights and appliances for 7k. (see pic in other thread)
  10. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y these are the worst pics ever, but this house is very cool. Mistlite glass in the front, and large windows across the front. The best features arent shown. Sq footage and lot size cant be beat. Needs some work, but hey, its just wood..(no jokes on that one). I obviously not a realtor..just want someone that knows a little about cool houses to move in
  11. After looking at everything, we went with real wood throught (sp?) the house.
  12. I assumed they were talking about the chemical plants and the ship channel. The media uses that term on TV and radio when referring to the east end.
  13. he looks horrible. funny what makeup can do.
  14. The media needs to get the terms straight...they (weather and traffic reports on tv) refer to the east end as "the working side of town", which to me sounds like lawndale and out towards the loop. EaDo looks like east end of downtown...hearing this reminds me of "redo", as in mistake, and hairdo....and wasnt this the warehouse district a few yrs ago? The way people try to pkg these areas to be more appealing is rediculous.
  15. if its at the back of the property and 5 feet deep..that would be it.
  16. looks like I am going to buy a couple of pallets next week. I will post here and if anyone needs some they can pm me...wait till I post though
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